May 30, 2006

Every SWEAR is a good one!

The Swear's debut album, Every Trick's A Good One, is a six-song EP produced by Russ-T Cobb (Bowling for Soup, Avril Lavigne) at Butch Walker's Ruby Red Productions in Atlanta. Mastered by Howie Weinberg (System of A Down, The White Stripes, Jeff Buckley, Nirvana) and with cover art by Dennis Campay, the album's sound has been described as "Concrete Blonde's Johnette Napolitano fronting Green Day."

And looks like they´re about to become something big in no time. Great reviews of the CD are starting to roll in. Check 'em out:

"One of the Top 25 albums by a Georgia artist in 2005. Solid, scorching and sensual. So much power and ferocity...there's more emotion on this collection than a half-dozen major label releases from new, inferior bands. A breathless and mournful good time." Georgia Music Magazine

"One of the Top 17 albums by a Georgia artist in 2005. A combustible presence." -Creative Loafing

"One of the Top 10 albums of 2005. Wicked." -Punk Globe (UK)

"Elizabeth Elkins rocks, and she's got a band that does, too. She's also a talented singer and songwriter. On The Swear's debut, Every Trick's A Good One, memorable guitar riffs and a thundering rhythm section careen behind her forceful vocals. The songs paint vivid portraits of envy, jealousy and the things we do for love and lust." -Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"The Swear write some of the best songs in rock today." -Aaron Hickman, 105.3 FM The Buzz, Atlanta

"Singer/guitarist Elizabeth Elkins nails down her tough-girl stance like a 21st-century Suzi Quatro; her slightly frayed delivery lends an extra note of authenticity to the memorable chorus of 'The Sleep Inside,' which favorably recalls Liz Phair's accessibly edgy moments. Guitarist Jeremy Zamora confidently peels off sharp, catchy riffs, offsetting the radio-friendly polish of 'Last Breath'." -The Sunday Paper

"It was less than a full song in [The Swear's live set opening for The Subways] before I was sending off text messages to friends in other states reading 'I've found the new Brody Dalle'...If you've ever been a fan of a song, only to delve into it later and find that the lyrics AND melody continue to come back to haunt you, you've found a new band to obsess on. 'January' has been that to me. It's one of those choruses made for nights when the rain literally saps the light from outside." -Resonator Magazine

"The guitars of Elkins and Zamora combined with the stand on your seat drumming of Kent Aberle add a punkish urgency to the melodic songcraft. On top of this foundation Elkins lets loose some of the most formidable lady-rock vocals heard this side of the Iron Curtain." -Running With Scissors Magazine

"This Atlanta group came to the table on their debut disc with four hands full of royal flushes. They roll through each track at a high pace with their eyes on nothing but an excellent recording and enough rock hooks to hang even the biggest of bands. On one listen you can easily hear the determination and dedication of a band on their way...imagine Concrete Blondes Johnette Napolitano fronting Green Day. Another one for my top ten of 2005 list easily!" -Independents Only

"[The Swear]'s ballsy debut album hits with a mega-ton blast of guitar, drums, and Elizabeth Elkins' razor-edged vocals...Rough, demanding and alternately soothing and antagonistic, Elkins breathy growl winds its way through the albums six angst-filled songs. If her voice leads the way, though, the band clearly lays the path with soaring guitar riffs and relentless high-energy drumming. The Swear is unapologetically rock and roll, and Every Tricks A Good One is their declaration of such." -Southeast Performer

"The album is an unflinching look at the world through Elkins twisted and dark, yet highly literate lyric imagery. The Swears domain is an unsettling zoo where each wild turn of phrase is skillfully mated to guitarist and co-writer Jeremy Zamoras potent and raging riffs. The rhythm section seals the package of wrath, an aggressively gothy pop concoction thats both Guitar Center skillful and raggedly rabid." -Flagpole

"It's dark, it's real and it hits home. Elizabeth Elkins is a top songwriter on the verge of big things." -Fresh Tracks Music

"The First Lady of M.F. Rock and Roll: Thank God there is a rock band in town with enough balls to act like a rock band should. And it took a woman to do it. The Swear is fronted by Elizabeth Elkins, the no bullshit queen of the Atlanta scene. With vocals falling somewhere between Love and Stefani, Elkins leaves the Prada and the Prozac out in favor of the rock. " -Civilian Magazine

For more info, check the band´s OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

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