May 24, 2006

First Concert of FANFARE CIOCARLIA in Romania!

Certain things obviously take time, a long long time…

For more than 10 years now Fanfare Ciocarlia has been travelling the world and conquering concert stages from the US to Japan. The mighty dozen from Zece Prajini gave more than 1.000 concerts and gained overwhelming recognition passing through countless countries. Just a few weeks ago they even rushed over to London to collect a BBC Planet Award 2006.

Finally and for the first time a Romanian promoter invited the Gypsy brass band to play in the country, which is home to the musicians and their families for centuries: Romania.

On 10th of June 2006 Fanfare Ciocarlia will give a concert on the TRANSILVANIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Cluj Napoca. So put your hands together, this is good news, don’t you think!

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