May 12, 2006

FURLAN SHOP ORCHESTRA "Il tesoro di Bacicin Parodi" CD

After his theatrical experience with the actor Marco Paolini and the incursions into "world music" of the CD "Storie Venete", the eclectic composer Fabio Furlan gets back to his classical music original background with his last work "Il tesoro di Bacicin Parodi".

The CD contains two tracks that have been selected by the director Carlo Mazzacurati for the soundtrack of his last movie "La lingua del Santo" which has been successfully presented in 2000 at the "Mostra del Cinema di Venezia". A work inspired by the strong suggestions that the ancient Venice can make us feel again, as the author says.

"Imagine Venice on a moonlit night. The light from the moon creates strange reflections on the canals. Along the alleyway that goes to the church, a figure can just be seen in the distance bent and lame under a strange cape. He heads closer towards the church, entering furtively walking almost on tiptoes. He opens the wooden door consumed by the years, it has the same appearance of the skin of his own hands eroded by the wind. He looks around to make sure that no one can see him. It's General Bacicin Parodi and the treasure hidden in the church, the day after, is no longer there.

This is the storyline that goes through this opera, where we can recognise the General's melodic journeys, the richness of the stolen treasure sounds, the slow evolution which leads us to the discovery of new rhythms.

It could appear as a type of experimental sounds, but in reality I'd like to think of it as a whole opera inside of which I can recognise movement by movement, new atmospheres which relead me to a Venetian environment part classical, magical, oneiric. And through the General's vision whilst roaming the city, I can see the palaces reflected in its canals, the majestic dome of the basilica standing on the horizon, the slow rocking of the waves.

Backwards and forwards without sense (ancora una notte), when the evolutions of the strings seem to win every score. A sprint towards the old bridge (piĆ¹ indietro nel tempo), when a melodic song is in the air. A trip in a rowing boat (la vecchia insegna), when the rhythm keeps the precise beat through the melody. It's a work, which calls for careful listening, and everytime I risk distraction, the vibration of the strings brings back and relights my curiosity.

The Bacicin Parodi Treasure is enclosed in this opera - go and discover it!"
Fabio Furlan

Distributed by Messaggerie Digitali.

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