May 11, 2006

HAPPY MONDAYS - LIVE IN BARCELONA has a new release date.

It has a new street date now - June 27

This DVD captures a rare Mondays gig filmed at Barcelona’s Razzmatazz club in December 2004 . The Mondays' rely heavily on the sound and rhythm of house music, spiked with '70s soul and '60s psychedelia. Onstage, leader Shaun Ryder is still the subversive enigma whose poetry and lyrics influenced generations of electronica to come. Their off-stage behavior is equally legendary and this DVD features exclusive interviews with Ryder. (180 min)

Song Titles:
Kinky Affro, Loose Fit, Reverend Black Grape, Bob's Yer Uncle, Step On, Donovan, Hallelujah, Mad Cyril, WFL (Wrote For Luck), Stinkin' Thinkin', 24 Hour Party People.

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