May 13, 2006

Joseph M. Levin´s PASSAGEWAYS

Passageways is a compilation of Joseph M. Levin's several classical chamber compositions. The pieces are relatively short and of varied orchestrations - solo cello, piano, trombone, cornet duet, string quartet and brass quintet - blending a Romantic feel with modern sonorities.

The theme that unifies the compositions is "passage": how or why people, animals and nature move from one state to another, be it physical, spiritual or emotional. That makes it flexible, creating opportunities for grouping its components. "Black Bear Walking" and "Serious Child" deal with two types of innocence compelling movement; "Rip Tide" and "Henry VIII" look at natural and Machiavellian power, respectively; "White Russian" and "Battle Cry of Freedom" link the adrealine rush and fatigue of war.

Copies of Passageways are on sale via the e-mail adress of Joseph's publishing company, Hudson Music House ( and

Hudson Music House, HMH JL 9107 2003 Personnel: John K. Anderson, violin; Ragga Petursdottir, violin; Junah Chung, viola; Robert Kurkhart, cello; Edward Laurel, piano; Kyle Resnick, trumpet, cornet; Amir El Saffar, trumpet; Tim McCarthy, French horn; Haim Avitsur, trombone; Kyle Turner, tuba; Peter Prosser, cello; Shannon Seals, cornet. Selections: White Russian, Rip Tide, Henry VII, Passageways, Black Bear Walking, Serious Child, Battle Cry of Freedom.

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