May 31, 2006

Kwanza Jones bares her music

Singer/songwriter Kwanza Jones' new release, Naked 2: Universal Fire, continues her unapologetic resolve to be free and encourages others to do likewise.

In this concept-driven project, inspired by her successful climb to the summit of Mount Killimanjaro, she fuses her soulful energy and pop/rock instincts with world rhythms to create global grooves, influenced by Kwanza's cultural encounters in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and her adopted hometown, Venice Beach, California.

Not bad for a talented artist who wrote her very first song at the age of six, and learned how to play flute, violin, piano and guitar before college! She also got the nickname "Mouth" at Princeton due to the power of the beautiful vocals and the nature of her laughter.

Kwanza Jones is an artist on the Innovation Entertainment Group, a label that stimulates the mind, feeds the spirit and captivates the heart. Check more at Kwanza Jones Official Website.

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