May 16, 2006

Spymac “Drag-n-Drop Site Creator” Lets Everyone Publish Online

Spymac, the largest Macintosh community and top Mac & Windows site for sharing photos, movies and music online, introduced today “Drag-n-Drop Site Creator,” which lets Mac and Windows users create their own websites and blogs with just a few clicks. Drag-n-Drop Creator completes Spymac’s suite of tools that lets Mac and Windows users express themselves worldwide at

Spymac Brings the Power of Publishing on the Internet to Everyone

In 1985, Apple created a publishing revolution with desktop publishing software that lets everyone express themselves as never before through personal printed newsletters and publications. Now Spymac takes this revolution a step further by bringing the power of Internet publishing to all with easy-to-use economical software that lets anyone with a Mac publish online quickly and easily for a small annual fee. The online software service gives Mac users the power to build professional looking websites and blogs using easy drag & drop technology. The technology is the first ever AJAX-based, online site building software, which is why it’s so incredibly easy to use. Not only does Spymac’s “Drag-n-Drop Site Creator” harness advanced AJAX technology like never before, but it’s also the first software service of its kind to be fully compatible with Apple’s Safari Web browser, so that anything that’s in your website (including text, pictures, forms and even web applications) can be dragged around and positioned exactly where you’d like them by simply dragging and dropping.

Choose from Dozens of Templates for Instant Webpage Designs

Users can choose from dozens of professionally designed templates for instant website page designs that can be easily modified to suit their needs. Any element in the website can be dragged around and positioned as desired, all from within the web browser. Templates available include pages designed for business, weddings, photo albums and artists, school groups and more.

“Mac users can now instantly create a professional website through Spymac at a fraction of the cost,” said Kevin April, CTO, Spymac. “And with Spymac’s 3GB of included storage space, members can include movies and other multimedia on their sites.”

Drag-n-drop Site Creator is part of Spymac Club, a $25 annual service that includes blogging, file sharing software, email, multimedia sharing, and more. For more information, see

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