May 18, 2006

The Time is Ripe for R.I.P.E!

City Canyons is delighted to announce that our long time friends R.i.p.e. will be joining us for the 13th City Canyons Showcase. The women who front R.i.p.e. - Christa McNamee, Leia Thompson and Jessica Grant (pictured above) - are joined by a talented band, an ensemble that will bring Red Lion audiences a whole new sound to savor.

Appearing with R.i.p.e. are such terrific bands as the Knot Watkins Invitational Blues Jam with special host Jimmy Mac, indie superstar Lucinda, the ever-popular Jen Elliott with her band Bluestruck and Estonian pop star Eha. It all starts at 7 p.m. at the Red Lion at 151 Bleecker St.

In the words of an industry professional: "You don't know what to do first at a R.i.p.e. show, look at the 3 beauties, listen to the awesome musicians, or get absorbed in the lush vocal harmonies.” R.i.p.e.'s sound tapestry derives from sources as diverse as Santana, Dido, Albeniz, Elton John, and Paula Cole.

The five piece band behind the three vocalists consists of keyboardist/band leader Dan Bar Hava, guitarist Seth Himmelhoch, bassist Vinnie Raniolo, percussionist Simon Miller and drummer Rich Zukor. The quintet are seasoned veterans and it shows when the band gets in a groove behind the three vocalist to hit the sweet spot in every song.

DATE: Tuesday, May 23
TIME: Event starts at 7:00 p.m.
The Red Lion 151 Bleecker Street
CALL: 212-260-9797

Visit the R.I.P.E. website!

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