June 09, 2006

Baby Ray is rising!

First question: What do you want to know about Baby Ray?

Correct answer: Good question!

Next question: What do you need to know about Baby Ray?

Correct answer: Everything!

Such as?
Well Baby Ray was born when four former ex-members of other bands suddenly collided and fused into a big heavy nucleus that then fizzed and then Bang! there was a Big Bang, not a Bomb but a Big Sun: Baby Ray!

Back then. Back what, a year-and-a-half ago? Longer-than-that-ago if you can count that high. Baby Ray can't count past one-and-a-half ago.

Well now Ken Lafler and Erich Groat were drinking Beer in a Chinatown Loft, celebrating the destruction of their commercially unsuccessful band Brain Helicopter, and decided to record a record. A band was the last thing on their minds; just a record, that is all. But although Erich had drummed and Ken played bass in that incredibly unlikely band Tweety U.K., they really needed the rhythmic talent of Nathan Logus there, back there with them, backing them. Nathan was, of course, an ex-former member of The Barnies (and he still is) and used to play with Tobin Sprout but at the time was bashing things for Jules Verdone. But then all of a sudden heaps of songs got written in a garage in Medford and they all had a name: Baby Ray. And then all of a sudden they had this cool demo tape (don't we all?) and it went off looking for a bass player manager record label. And it found a record label.... But, umm, there was still a bass player at large, and we couldn't put out a record until he was found, which he was (for a while). All of a sudden, even though no one ever thought it would be there, there was a Band, and it had a name: Baby Ray. Yes! No further information is available at this time.

And then what?
And then, pow! Baby Ray played loud! And made a record called Monkeypuzzle, and the people seem to like it. And then made a record called Do I Love America, and the people seem to like it. Just look at all the reviews! Baby Ray deliberately leaves out a couple of bad reviews written by college internet geeks who can't spell and can just ****! off and die, but other than that, the critics seem to like it. No further information is available at this time.

www.babyray.com | www.myspace.com/babyrayboston | www.drenrecords.com

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