June 09, 2006

JEANIE BRYSON - Live At Warsaw Jazz Festival

MVD and Cascade are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Jeanie Bryson: Live At Warsaw Jazz Festival for North American distribution on DVD.

The voice of Jeanie Bryson is reminiscent of Billie Holiday and Peggy Lee: uniquely modern, original and inviting. Bryson, whose father was the Jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie, started making the rounds of Europe’s Jazz Festivals in the early 90s and gained an enormous amount of public recognition and international critical acclaim. Taught and influenced by such great artists as Kenney Baron (who was one of her teachers in college) and Steve Nelson, this remarkable singer is able to hold onto a melody regardless of the tempo she is singing in, allowing her to create a variety of different styles.

This 9-song performance from Jeanie Bryson was recorded live at the Warsaw Jazz Festival in October 1991 and is an excellent example of her sensitive and appealing style. Also included is bonus video, Latin Jam - Introducing The Band, Estamos Aí, and Over The Rainbow.

DVD Track List
1. He Might Be Your Man Blues
2. One Note Samba
3. Body And Soul
4. Morning
5. You’d Be So Nice
6. I’ve Got a Crush on You
7. Simple Song
8. TV Is The Thing This Year
9. Our Love Is Here To Stay
Bonus video
1. Latin Jam - Introducing The Band
2. Estamos Aí
3. Over The Rainbow

Website: www.jeaniebryson.com/

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