June 02, 2006

Two great DVD releases by IONA

Iona was formed during the late eighties and released their self-titled debut album in 1990. The band covers a number of styles including Celtic, progressive rock and even jazz and Christian elements. All the band's albums have received critical acclaim, as have the bands live performances over the years.

The mainstays of the band are Dave Bainbridge, Joanne Hogg and David Fitzgerald. Former Kajagoogoo bassist Nick Beggs was a one-time member although. There have also been some high profile guests perform with the band on their albums over the years, including King Crimson´s leader Robert Fripp. The band are these days also joined by respected multi instrumentalist Troy Donockley.

Following a very productive period when the various members produced solo albums and in the case of Dave Bainbridge and Troy Donockley a series of duo recordings and concerts. Iona has reunited to great acclaim and success, and the result are two great DVDs released by Voiceprint.

IONA LIVE IN LONDON captures the band in fine form in front of a wildly enthusiastic crowd at the end of November 2004. In addition to the normal stereo options the performance has been mixed personally by Dave Bainbridge to stunning effect in the 5.1 format. In addition to the live performance the DVD includes extras such as interviews and a picture gallery.

More recently the band have been enjoying a break from touring and performing duties necessitated by vocalist Joanne Hogg taking time out to have a family. During this time however the band have embarked on a number of solo activities which has seen the release of a number of albums from Troy Donockley and Dave Bainbridge and occasional live concerts from the pair.

THE EYE OF THE EAGLE is the debut DVD release from the band, and is a re-release of a video that the band released earlier in their career. The DVD has been upgraded in both picture quality and sound quality and will also boast almost an hour's worth of extra previously unseen footage, along with the normal extras found on current DVD releases such as a photo gallery and discography. This otherwise long deleted video will be welcomed by the bands large and loyal following and due to the scarcity of the original video will be a eagerly sought out.

Iona - Live at London (double DVD)

Disc 1
1. Woven Cord
2. Wave After Wave
3. Inside My Heart
4. Wind Off The Lake
5. A Dhia Ghleigil
6. Factory of Magnificent Souls
7. Encircling
8. Strength
9. Treasure
10. Castlerigg/Reels
11. Irish Day
12. Bi-Se I mo Shuil Part 2
13. Flight of the Wild Goose
14. Murlough Bay
Disc 2

Acoustic set:
1. Chi-Ro
2. Greenfields of Canada
3. Edge of the World
4. Jigs (Handsome Young Maidens Trip to Athlone)
5. Today 6

1. Joanne
2. Dave
3. Troy
4. Frank
5. Phil

Dave Bainbridge, David Fitzgerald with David Adam - The Eye of the Eagle

1. Open My Eyes
2. Though The Dawn Breaks
3. Hymn of the Universe
4. Fire and Water
5. Caim 6. I Arise Today
7. God Our Pilgrimage
8. King of Moon, Sun and Stars
9. The Lightener of the Stars
10. Upon A Path of Light
11. A World With A World

Special Features:
Encore (Open My Eyes - Reprise)
Interviews: David Fitzgerald, Dave Bainbridge, David Adam.

More info at http://www.iona.uk.com and http://www.voiceprint.co.uk

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