July 29, 2006

Enola - power rock from Denmark!

The Danish band Enola release their debut album “Nothing But The Truth” on February 3rd 2006 – thirteen songs from a loaded, yet sensitive and honest album.

“Nothing But The Truth” is produced by Enola themselves in close collaboration with co-producer Peter Bander (who has produced albums for other Danish bands such as Kashmir, Sort Sol, and others). It is an intense rock album with a variety of different songs – from intimate, acoustic ballads to tough, uncompromising rock songs with grand sound. Enola’s music is partly influenced by artists such as Danish singer/songwriter, Tim Christensen, Swedish band, Kent, and British band Catatonia – which has resulted in an album that could be described as “Scandinavian melancholy meets British in-your-face attitude”

On “Nothing But The Truth” Enola shows why rock music should be realized through honesty and not through various time-dictating trends. Lead singer Hanne Abrahams’ raw, yet vulnerable voice forms a leitmotif through the entire album which is best described as pure, melodic rock with a distinct sound and an intelligent text universe dominated by honest rock virtues like longing and heartbreak.

Music and lyrics is written by bass player Mads Jacob Holm who, together with Hanne Abrahams (vocals) Kenneth Mulvad (keyboards), Jesper Kirk (drums), and Max Kirkeby (add. Guitar), form the band that has been together for five years. Five serious, serene and ambitious musicians, who are not scared of being honest about their musical expression.

Honesty is the key to being in touch with live audiences.

During the last couple of years Enola has grown into an extremely able live orchestra with a long row of concerts in Denmark and abroad. Hanne Abrahams’ insisting presence on stage, combined with the band’s skilled play creates an energetic unity, capable of engaging audiences at both club gigs and larger outdoor venues.

In 2006 you can experience Enola in different venues all over Denmark – and of course on the debut album, released February 3rd.

No stage diving, please! No stage diving, please!

To celebrate the release of ”Nothing But The Truth”, Enola performs at a concert to honour their Danish hometown of Holstebro. A remarkable concert, where the stage will be considerably taller than what you would normally expect – the roof of Holstebro Musikteater. From here, Enola (accompanied by an abundance of light and sound) will give their home crowd a taste of the new album – and also express their gratitude to the many people who have stood by them all the way.

More at www.enola.dk and www.mislabel.dk

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