July 16, 2006

Monsieur Leroc is not young, but he can use some money!

Monsieur Leroc (a.k.a. Arne Drescher), a German producer currently living in NYC, is a beatsmith by night and graphic artist by day. His third album, "I'm Not Young, but I Need the Money", is yet another example of his unique style and approach to contemporary electronic music rooted in jazz, funk, soul and R&B from the 60s and 70s.

For this album, which he composed and produced, he enlisted the help of fellow Cornerstone RAS recording artist Josh Fischel to lay down some of his token soulful vocals. Also making an appearance is MC

"I'm Not Young, but I Need the Money" has an eccentric groove that serves as a refreshingly funky reminder of 70s R&B fused in a hip-hop, jazz, and soul hybrid. It's a prime example of music that draws on the past without ignoring the present, and in this case, the future. His relationship with '70s funk and soul is only surpassed by his ability to transcend a direct influence of that era, although mumurs of Stevie Wonder, Nile Rodgers, and Quincy Jones can be heard in the mix with contemporary acts such as Prince, De La Soul and Beck.

Leroc makes his way to us from Highmshighm, Germany - somewhere on the outskirts of the Black Forrest. When asked about how his beginnings, he responded “I took piano lessons and angeldust when I was little… since that really didn’t kick off, I decided to take some jazz lessons.”

"Monsieur Leroc's kitchen sink collages float in a twilight zone somewhere between the Beastie-fried Grooves of Money Mark and a Quincy Jones-produced soundtrack to some obscure '70s television police show... A FIRST-RATE EXCURSION into the realms of lo-fidelity funk that clutters and clangs like Fred Sanford's junkyard truck with a clogged flux capacitor and a Lonnie "Liston" Smith eight-track permanently lodged in the dash." -Ron Hart, CMJ New Music Report

“Monsieur’s ethereal, slow, heavy beats, manufactured on several computers and assorted techno-geek gear, suck me even further into the electronic world - they make the perfect background music for a swank party or . . . heh, other things.”
- Arrissia Owen, OC Weekly

"Leroc is right up there with DJ Shadow and Money Mark."
- J.R. Griffin, E! Online

Website: www.myspace.com/monsieurleroc

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