September 06, 2006

Chadwick,a great rock band from San Francisco - in its own words!

Born the bastard son of a goat under a blood red moon.

The year was 2002, a year or so after I had been fired by a Black Sabbath tribute band! I had been in that band for 4 years with Skitzo frontman Lance Ozanix. To be fair, Lance disputes this tale to this very day and claims that it was my idea to quit. I don't remember it that way. Now let's review -- when you are fired by a glorified COVER band you know you got serious problems. "But not the kind that can't be solved by an atom bomb." And so, after 96 tears, I finally put together a fairly average rock band that included my best friend and lead guitarist, Jefferson Leddy.

We called ourselves StonyPoint until we showed up at some concert hall for a halloween gig. This place was pretty big and I wondered why the Hell they would hire the likes of us. Well, the sound guy looked at me and said, "You're not the StonyPoint we thought you were!" Wha?! Turns out there's a local Jerry Garcia cover band using that name! Damnit! I took Jefferson aside and asked him if he knew any Greatful Dead. He denied it but I knew he was lying, the dude can learn songs by ear. He's one of those guys who'll say, "Hum a few bars and I'll fake it." Jefferson finally admitted to knowing "Trucking" And so, we opened the show with "Truckin' down a one way street..." generally confusing the Hell out of everyone and causing problems for ourselves as well as the other StonyPoint. From then on we changed our name with every gig and played the dive bars in Sonoma county until Jefferson showed up for practice without his guitar. ut-oh! He had come to quit (and get his amp).

Never one to know when to give up, I soldiered on without him. I was desperately in need of a direction when the phone rang. A psychedelic musician that I had known ever since I was born wanted to offer me a studio gig. I ended up flying out to Chicago (from San Francisco) and playing bass on the Allan Scott Matthes CD, "Lezbo Jail." Galvanized by this experience I returned to Santa Rosa with a vision and a mission.

By mid 2003 I had started a new, inspired death rock band and named it after myself. I was pretty sure there weren't any local Jerry Garcia bands calling themselves Chadwick! I cast away all my old songs and began to write dark, gothic/industrial tunes of the kind that I have always loved. Rather like a punk rock generations' version of the blues with acid rock influences. I stopped listening to people telling me what I couldn't (or shouldn't) do and did it anyway. I found some dubious mercenary barroom musicians willing to step into the lights in the name of Chadwick. In March of 2004 we released "Suicide Sunrise." Per usual, people accused me of going too far. Most people hated us for being too noisy and were really freaked out by the whole suicide thing. The good news is: the people who liked us -- really liked us. One of those people was Jefferson who asked if he could get back in. So I rehired him, he's damn good as you can hear on the songs on this page.

Now, with Jefferson back on board, we have released another CD, "Blood Soaked World". An anti-war album over 73 minutes long. Go buy both CDs or I'll stand over your bed and whisper the words to "Trucking" in your ear while you sleep.

More info? Sure. Visit us at

UPDATE: Lancifer and I have started another Black Sabbath tribute (we're crazy like that) called Electric Funeral! Watch for gig announcements on this page and check us out here:

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