September 23, 2006

Dead City Shakers - shakin' the dead!

DCS started in late 2002 as a surf act practicing at Matt's house with then line-up Matt on electric bass, Clint on drums, and Kennan on guitar. In about late 2003 Gabe joined up on rhythm guitar putting Kennan in the place he loved--lead guitar. Matt put down his old GNL electric for good and picked up the upright. Still with no singer DCS played their first 2 shows as an instrumental act.

Slowly the style went from surf to raw psychobilly. Tim joined up (quite by accident) in early 2004. He went to just hang out and see the guys rehearse with no intention on either side of Tim joining up. Let's just say after that rehearsal he was more than excited they hadn't found a singer. With the input of then newcomer Tim, DCS started finding it's sound. Take some psychobilly and punk rock, blend it with old school country and rock n' roll and there you have it.

A couple months after Tim joined, DCS had an unfortunate falling out with Kennan and had to press on without him- moving Gabe to lead guitar and Tim to rhythm guitar AND vocals. From late 2004 to late 2005 DCS went from virtually unknown to being veterans of over 35 shows including several out of town and out of state shows. Busy BUSY year.

A force to be reckoned with both on and off stage, DCS never fail to deliver a balls-out rock n' roll assault. With a dedication to music seldom found anywhere, it doesn't look like these guys are ready to go quietly into the night any time soon. So if you like real, raw, no gimmicks rock n' roll, Dead City Shakers deliver more than enough to satisfy.

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