September 18, 2006

JOCO Films announces the release Maya's Soul on September 19, 2006.

Maya had a decent life. Then one day, it was all gone. Her past, present and future were lost. After a fire destroys her home, Maya awakes from an unconscious state to find out her mother died in the fire, shattering whatever faith she had in God.

Her road to recover is full of obstacles. After hitting rock bottom, she meets Johnny B, a manipulating and controlling pimp who promises her the pleasures and luxuries of life.

With the help of two unlikely people, a homeless man and a devout religious woman, she struggles to make a new life for herself. Maya's experiences culminate with her realizing the true riches of life and love as she works towards healing her soul.

A film certain to invoke your emotions, Maya's Soul is a poignant look at the power of one's will and humanity.

Nicholl Jones leads the case as Maya and gives a very powerful performance. Supporting cast includes Jaime Velez, Rashawn Underdue and Sydney Chase.

JOCO Film is committed to making independent films rich in character and story. It just wrapped principal photography on its fourth film, Street Revenge (expected release early 2007) and is in development for its fifth film to be shot in the Fall 2006. JOCO Films previous titles include Bottom Out and Woods of Evil.

Director: Conrad Glover Executive Producers/Producers: Christine Y. Dynan, Doug Schwab and Conrad Glover Distributed by Maverick Entertainment Group,

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