September 29, 2006

Mankind is Obsolete: resistence is futile, music is contagious!

"Mankind Is Obsolete," also known as "MKIO," is a female-fronted industrial rock band based in Los Angeles, California. The group was formed in fall 2002 by founding members Jon Siren (drums) and Natasha Cox (vocals). Jon had recently relocated to L.A. from Columbus, Ohio to join the legendary So Cal industrial group Hate Dept., while Natasha had moved from a small town in Texas to pursue a heavier style of music than the classical piano her parents had encouraged for most of her life. By early 2003, MKIO's groundwork had been laid, and Jon and Natasha recruited Mark Nurre (guitar), Brian DiDomenico (keyboards), and Gordon Bash (bass) to complete the group.

Mankind is Obsolete's musical approach has been to stretch across a large spectrum of sound and dynamics within a rock context. Melodic and passionate, the music blends driving rhythms and expressive, rich vocals to create songs that are introspective, biographical and express observations of the world around. MKIO strives to create their music with conviction, intensity and ultimately to connect with their listeners.

MKIO released their debut 6-song Metamorph EP in August 2003. The EP has proven itself to be as popular overseas as it is in the United States, as online buyers have purchased it and sent positive feedback to the group. Mankind is Obsolete produced a video for "The Rapture," a song off of the EP and is working on a new video for "Still Right Here," from the new album, "Rise," released June 2005.

Mankind is Obsolete prides itself on their DIY approach to music and promotion. Utilizing several grass-root promotional techniques, such as employing a worldwide street team, developing an online presence through MySpace and launching a 350 college station radio campaign in the US and Canada during 2005. The group has promoted itself through four self-organized tours within the past 2 years, which has helped to develop an ever-growing loyal fan base. MKIO has performed with many notable artists, including: KMFDM, Collide, Pigface, Free Dominguez, Genitorturers, and Beautiful Creatures. The group also performed at the 2005 Gothstock Festival in Connecticut, which featured the Genitorturers, Combichrist and Cruxshadows.

MKIO's current plans include a full US and Canada tour in summer 2006 to support the release of "Rise," produced by Gordon Bash. In addition, tracks from both albums will be featured in "Dimples," an upcoming Lion's Gate film.

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