September 05, 2006

More great jazz from Origin Records!

Jessica Williams, "Billy's Theme: A Tribute to Dr. Billy Taylor"

Jessica Williams presents a solo recital of original compositions as a heartfelt homage to one of America's great musical treasures, Dr. Billy Taylor. Recording in the intimacy of her home studio, Jessica captures the feel of a concert hall with an open piano sound of full transient overtones and rich, deep bass tones, enveloping her fluid lyricism.

"One of the top pianists of today, she is a giant, consistently brilliant." -Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

1 Finally Free
2 Billy’s Theme No. 1
3 The Soul Doctor
4 Blues for BT
5 Taylor’s Triumph
6 Spontaneous Composition & Improvisation No. 1
7 Spontaneous Composition & Improvisation No. 2
8 Billy’s Theme No. 2

Jessical Williams: solo piano

John Moulder, "Trinity"

Inspired by themes taken from the Judeo-Christian tradition with such titles as Creation, Chaos and Resurrection, the Chicago guitarist presents his interpretations in a suite of original sacred music. Along with his guests including Lawrence Hobgood, Paul Wertico & Paul McCandless, Moulder creates a work that is as adventurous and expansive as it is meditative and intimate.

1 Chaos 5:00
2 Creation 8:19
3 Exodus 3:29
4 Incarnation (Introduction) 1:32
5 Incarnation 7:38
6 Proclamation of the Unexpected (Introduction) 1:27
7 Proclamation of the Unexpected 5:37
8 Sorrowful Mysteries (Introduction) 00:54
9 Sorrowful Mysteries 6:43
10 Pieta 4:35
11 Resurrection (Introduction) 1:08
12 Resurrection 6:56
13 Freedom 3:56

John Moulder, Guitar
Laurence Hobgood, piano
Paul Wertico, drums
Paul McCandless, english horn
Brad Wheeler, tenor saxophone
Jim Gailloreto, alto flute, soprano saxophone
Tito Carrillo, flugelhorn and trumpet
Geof Bradfield, tenor and soprano saxes
Rob Amster, acoustic bass
Hans Sturm, acoustic bass
Dane Richeson, cymbals
Eric Hochberg, acoustic bass
Kelly Sill, acoustic bass
Eric Montzka, drums
Ken Hall, vibraphone
Rich Corpolongo, soprano sax

John Bishop, "Nothing If Not Something"

"This alluring trio set maintains Origin Records' tradition of outstanding music with a contemplative free sound infused with extroversion and heat ..." - Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

First performing together in the early '90's, Bishop's trio spent 8 years appearing every Tuesday night at a Seattle club where they developed their thoroughly melodic and fluid group aesthetic. Saxophonist Rick Mandyck has long been a major voice in NW jazz, performing and recording with Mark Murphy, Billy Hart, Lawrence Marable, and Carter Jefferson. Bassist Jeff Johnson was a member of Philly Joe Jones' band in the '70's and Hal Galper's and Jessica Williams' trios throughout the '90's. John Bishop has appeared on over 70 recordings, including projects with George Cables, Ernie Watts, Ralph Towner, Bud Shank and Mark Murphy. Because of health issues, "Nothing If Not Something" marks the last recorded work of Rick Mandyck on alto saxophone. The trio carries on with Mandyck expressing his deeply musical voice on the guitar.

1. Sari 3:17 (Mandyck/Johnson/Bishop)
2. All Day Pass 4:47 (Mandyck)
3. Orange Blossom 9:06 (Curtis Lundy)
4. Anata Wa Utsukushi 3:51 (Mandyck)
5. Hurt Brothers 9:22 (Johnson)
6. Lady In Black 8:18 (Ralph Peterson Jr.)
7. Taking Forever 7:26 (Mandyck)
8. Lost and Found 7:01 (Mandyck)
9. GONE 4:23 (Johnson)

Rick Mandyck - alto saxophone
Jeff Johnson - bass
John Bishop - drums

Various Artists, "Modern Jazz: A Collection of Seattle's Finest Jazz"

"The New Yorker has famously called it "Seattle’s other music scene." Jazz may never achieve the notoriety of grunge, but for some time there has been a growing recognition among musicians, critics, and an ever-increasing public that something special is happening in the Pacific Northwest. Here is a new musical openness, a fresh mindset, reinvigorating a storied art form." - Andrew Freund, NY jazz writer

The first in a series of Origin compilation CDs, "Modern Jazz" reflects some of the best of Seattle's deep and rich jazz scene. From the refined, ensemble work on "Incompatibility" to the Brazilian/R&B groove of "Appalachian Soul Camp," or the virtuostic pianistics of "Notoriety" to the wide open vamps of "For Tony," "Modern Jazz" displays respect for the tradition with the progressive vision of a special musical community.

1. Blue 7:39 (Marc Seales)
2. Incompatibility 4:58 (Clay Giberson)
3. Appalachian Soul Camp 5:52 (Hans Teuber)
4. Notoriety 7:19 (Marius Nordal)
5. After Hours 7:51 (Mark Taylor)
6. Rainy States 4:54 (Rick Mandyck)
7. Enlah 7:14 (Whitney Ashe)
8. The Mystagogue 8:35 (Ben Thomas)
9. Somnambulist 6:51 (Richard Cole)
10. For Tony 6:23 (Matt Jorgensen)

Chris Walden Big Band, "Home Of My Heart"

" aurally captivating delight. In the best traditions of the Big Band genre it is beautifully written and magnificently executed"- Jeremy Lubbock, reknowned arranger

The award winning German composer/arranger has scored over 30 feature & TV films and has done arrangements for dozens of artists including Nancy Wilson, Barbra Streisand, Bill Conti, and the Chicago Symphony. Walden started writing for German radio orchestras at 21 and conducted the Frankfurt Radio Big Band and the RIAS Big Band in Berlin before relocating to Los Angeles at age 29. His big band is comprised of Los Angeles' top studio and jazz artists including Peter Erskine, Pete Christlieb, Bobby Shew and many more.

1. Cherokee 6:32
2. Rainy Day In Vancouver 6:57
3. Film Noir - Part I 4:08
4. Film Noir - Part II 3:42
5. Film Noir - Part III 3:20
6. Mulholland Falls 5:39
7. Here's Looking At You 6:22
8. Star Wars 5:05
9. Home of My Heart 8:14
10. Feet First 3:50
11. Here's That Rainy Day 7:30
12. How Long Has This Been Going On 2:49
13. Nonino 3:02
14. You Took Advantage of Me 2:41
15. Stolen Moments 6:55
16. Dr. Stefan Frank 0:44

Matt Jorgensen +451, "Hope"

"From the opening track, "Slinky," it is apparent that Matt Jorgensen+451 has found the pulsating confidence that separates exceptional bands from mere good ones." - Brian Kidd, North Seattle Herald

The follow-up to the critically acclaimed, Quiet Silence, Matt Jorgensen +451 releases their third studio recording entitled, Hope, a collection of nine original compositions (including the Hope Trilogy) and arrangements of Coldplay’s God Put A Smile Upon Your Face and Charles Mingus’ Fables of Faubus.

1. Slinky (Taylor/Jorgensen)
2. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (Coldplay)
3. Hope, part 1 (Jorgensen)
4. Che (Otto)
5. Peacefulness (Jorgensen)
6. Hope, part 3 (Jorgensen)
7. Sanguine (Taylor)
8. Pack Sack (Jorgensen)
9. Fables of Faubus (Mingus
10. Ibrahymn (Burns)
11. Hope, part 2 (Jorgensen)

Mark Taylor – alto and tenor saxophones
Ryan Burns – fender rhodes, piano
Phil Sparks – bass
Matt Jorgensen – drums
Rob Davis – tenor saxophone (5)
Hans Teuber – tenor saxophone (1,4,7,10)
David Marriott – trombone (10)

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