September 16, 2006

Tey - the beauty and the beat!

Born in the Phillipines, Tey came to the States as a child and grew up in Chicago. She spent her youth there with her three brothers, and attended both catholic and technical school. She also grew up with a cornucopia of animals, fish, pigs, dogs, rabbits and cows.

Tey's taste in music runs the gamut, she likes it all, even country. Her vocal stylings reminds listeners of some of some her favorites like; Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Barbara Streisand, Sade, Natalie Merchant, not bad company to be in especially when you sound like Tey. Not to mention she has a falsetto and she knows how to use it.

Now she returns with her 3rd release and once again, Tey hits the dance floor running. Once again starting off with a beautiful ballad,the self written title track, Tey showcases a very confident voice,soft and sensous.

After the album kicks off with "That's How I Feel Tonight", Tey brings some very tasty covers to the mix, including one of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" that works perfectly. I can see some DJ just begging to do a ultra mix on this version. Jody Whatley's "100% Pure Love" is pretty cool as well.

But what makes this CD really standout is the fact Tey wrote 5 of the tracks. Thats very impressive for a dance pop act and a solo one at that. Tey's voice is perfect for slow jams as well and she showcases that on the Cher influenced "I Can Get Over You" and the slightly western sounding "I Cannot See". Top to bottom, this could a breakout and major label level album, its that good.

The packaging is razor sharp as well. Tey is a beautiful woman and the back of the CD shows just how sexy she is. Wanna a taste? Look right. Yep, it's the pic that caught your eye in the exact moment you saw this page! And good news for the many males whose tongues will be hanging out looking at it, Tey is selling that picture as poster on her website,

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