October 28, 2006

New Metal!


Collusion, a band from Glendale, was started in the summer of 2006 by guitar player Xander Snyder, who decided to write some music and get some old friends together to record it - Melanya Torosyan (Vocals), Michel Chitarians (Bass) and Layla Hababeh (Keyboards).

Their EP, titled Two, was released in September under Hedera Records.



Cresent is a melodic power/traditional metal band, that hails from Greensboro, NC, USA.

Formed in late 2000 by guitarist Alex Bledsoe and drummer Chris Tallman, they began with the vision of starting a band that didn't follow the latest trends and stayed true to the original form of metal. In the summer of 2001, they were joined by vocalist/guitarist Chris Parrish. It was at this point they started writing songs and developing the sound that would later be the band's trademark. Shortly there after they found bass player Preston Smith.

Around this time, Chris made the decision to step down from playing guitar so that he could give the vocals the attention they deserved. Chris' longtime friend and former bandmate Jamie Lam was recruited to fill the guitarist spot. After a few short months of rehearsal, the band began playing shows in North Carolina and Virginia, steadily building a fanbase.

In mid 2004, lead guitarist Troy Shaw replaced Jamie Lam, bringing with him a new dynamic to the band. They continued to play shows and released a demo in 2006. It was also around that time founding guitarist Alex decided to part ways with the band. Fortunately, Jamie had become available again and was first choice for the open spot.

Cresent's long awaited CD was finally released, and you can know all about it at http://www.myspace.com/cresentband


Dave Rock grew up in a little town in Warmland, Sweden. At the age of six he heard the song "I wanna be somebody" by the band W.A.S.P. Since then he has been a true hard rock and heavy metal fan.

At the age of fourteen he bought his first electric guitar from an older friend for $30 dollars.

- It was a very bad guitar and it went out of tune all the time but it was a start. I practiced every day for hours and I started to write my own songs. A couple months later I joined my first band, Remorse. We played a mix between punk and thrash metal. I felt like a rockstar and I thought we would be famous, but the truth was that we were not good at all.

You might know Dave Rock as the singer, guitarist and frontman of the Swedish band, Beda. Since the band broke up in 2003 Dave decided to go solo. He is now available with his debut CD, Life in Freedom. For more info visit: http://www.myspace.com/daverocksweden


The band Soulless Heart was founded in 2002. Their former name was “Brotherhood of Steel”. Guitarist and shouter Dmitry Banchevskiy and drummer Florian Rienkens were the very first, and still active band members. Guitarist Stefan Strathmeier left the band and was replaced by Wladimir Bernhardt. With the admittance of bassist Erik Hess the band was complete. On February 2003, a brand new line-up was formed: Dmitry Banchevskiy ( g / v ), Wladimir Bernhardt ( g ), Erik Heß ( b ), Florian Rienkens ( d ).

At the same time the band changed its name into “Soulless Heart”. Till April 2003 new songs were written and rehearsed. After internal discussion it was decided to record an EP in a local studio. Theresult of this work was “Prisoner of the Night”.

The song “Mights of Evil”, from the EP, was published on the website www.mp3.com and reached the first place. In spite of the low-budget production, the EP got good reviews. A label from aboard published simultaneously the song “Mights of Evil” on its sampler. On August 2003 they released another album, the maxi CD “Maybe You Die”.

During November and December 2003 the band was on a Germany-Tour “Return to the Sabbath” with the thrash legend Martin Walkyier (“Sabbath”/“Skyclad”).

In the end of the year Erik Hess left “Soulless Heart”. For some time the work was continued without a bassist. On March 2005 the line-up was extended by another Shouter, Magnus Martin, and bassist Vlad Rumyantsev. The new line-up is complete and Soulless Heart is now able to work hard and promising again:

Dmitry Banchevskiy ( g / v ), Magnus Martin ( v ), Wladimir Bernhardt ( g ), Vlad Rumyantsev ( b ), Florian Rienkens ( d )


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