November 09, 2006

Lance King is longer singing with Pyramaze

Due to irreconcilable differences, Lance King is longer singing with Pyramaze.

Quote from Lance....

"I would like to thank the PYRAMAZE guys for many wonderful memories, I'm very proud of the music we created together! I wish each and every member of the band success in their careers and personal lives, as well as their search for a new vocalist. I look forward to hearing their new music."

Lance has several projects that he is working on at present to be on the lookout for:

-A New album from "AVIAN" that Lance will be singing on and producing.
-Lance will be doing a guest a vocal appearance, splitting vocals with a female opera singer on a new debut release from a new rising prog star named "SALINOCH". Being developed by SHK Records ( Switzerland )
-Lance has agreed to lend his voice and writing talents to a new Progressive-Shred project called "SECRET SOCIETY OF STARFISH" comprised of two members of DIMENSION X (Bass and Drums) and shredder TROY STETINA on guitar and a mystery 5th arm of the fish, a well know rock star axe player.
-Look out for other recent releases that Lance has sung on... "SHINING STAR - Enter Eternity" & "AVIAN - From the Depths of Time"
-Lance will continue to work daily on building his record company Nightmare Records, bringing the world great progressive / Power metal music from other great bands.

All the best,

Lance King
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