January 22, 2007

The Queers turn 25 - and pumping hard!

Holy crap! It’s amazing that THE QUEERS have been around for 25 years. Back 1982, Joe King (aka Joe Queer) and the original lineup recorded their first 7” called “Love Me”. Who would have thought that their signature brand of pop-punk surf rock would stand the test of time? 25 years! Damn!

This year THE QUEERS are commemorating their achievements in a number of ways: their first ever DVD, a brand new CD, and a shit load of touring.

DVD: The Queers - The Queers Are Here (MVD Visual - www.mvdb2b.com - Street Date: 02/20/07)

Featuring world tours from '93 to '05, interviews, music videos and an unreleased animated video on their 1st DVD! It includes footage of all the live energy and behind-the-scenes craziness of the Queers on tour around the world. Also included are interviews, music videos, and an unreleased animated video. "Its been almost 25 years since the first 7” was released, so we figured it was time for a DVD. Besides being able to play with so many great bands, it has been awesome to make friends all over the world from Japan to Brazil to Europe and beyond." -Joe Queer

Songs: I Spent The Rent, Nothing To Do, This Place Sucks, Hi Mom It's Me, Don't Back Down, Night Of The Livid Queers, Blabbermouth, Ursula Finally Has Tits, Like A Parasite, We'd have A Riot Doing Heroin, Terminal Rut, Fagtown, Wimpy Drives Through Harlem, I Only Drink Bud, Ben Weasel, You're Tripping, Granola Head, Fuck The World, Debra Jean, Tamara Is A Punk, I Live This Life, Drop The Attitude Fucker, I Can't Get Over You, Brush Your Teeth, I Live This Life, Definitely, We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin, Noodlebrain, Punk Rock Girls, Sidewalk Surfer Girl

CD: The Queers – Munki Brain (Asian Man - www.asianmanrecords.com - Street Date: 02/06/07)

Joe's comments about the new record:

"It's not that different in places than Don't Back Down or Pleasant Screams or Punk Rock Confidential. It's kind of keeping along those lines. There's a couple songs, one I wrote with Lisa [Marr], it's called “Brian Wilson”. And there's one I wrote by myself called “I Think She's Starting To Like Me”, and that's a real Beach Boys, Pet Sounds-ish type tune that I'm really proud of. The “Brian Wilson” thing I wrote with Lisa is almost an alternative-type song. So that's sort of different. I think either it's going to be Groundhog Day when you wake up and every album is going to be the fucking same, or you're going to move on, at least in certain areas, and try new stuff, and there's going to be people that don't hate it or don't love it, but you've just got to do what's in your heart. It's just showing a band evolving. It's a band that started doing Kicked Out of the Webelos and evolved through to Munki Brain. So I'm really proud of the fact that we're moving ahead, but I really think that our core audience that gets us will love it. We have a song about George Bush called “Monkey in a Suit”, which I really think is great. Ben Weasel and I wrote a song called “I Don't Get It”. I have a song called “Houston There's a Problem”, which is kind of a “I Want To Be Sedated” slash sick of the punk scene type song that's really catchy and as good as anything I've written."

Later this year Asian Man is re-releasing remixed/mastered versions of:

ASM-142 The Queers "Beat Off" CD
ASM-143 The Queers "Move Back Home" CD
ASM-144 The Queers "Grow Up" CD
ASM-145 The Queers "A Day Late And A Dollar Short" CD
ASM-146 The Queers "Don't Back Down" CD
ASM-147 The Queers "Pleasant Screams" CD

Website: www.thequeersrock.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/thequeers

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