March 05, 2007

Genesis 1976-1982 SACD/DVD Remasters now available for PRE-order! (release date 2nd April 2007)

The 1976-1982 Genesis studio albums re-released in remastered/remixed 2 disc SACD/DVD sets with 5.1 surround sound and stereo mixes!

They're available separately, but also in a beautifully packaged box set including all 5 albums plus a BONUS 'extra tracks' SACD/DVD.

The SACDs (Super Audio CDs) WILL play on standard CD players at standard CD quality. Please note, the video extras on the DVDs are in PAL (European) picture format.

Steve Hackett is happy to autograph PRE-ordered 'A Trick Of The Tail'/'Wind And Wuthering' albums, and also the '76-'82 box set - but please request this! If you would like your set autographed then type 'signed please' (or similar) in the 'Additional Information' box when pre-ordering.

Pre-orders without this request will not be signed.

Please bear in mind that our stock from EMI will arrive on, or just before, the release date of 2nd April, Steve then has to do the signing, so this may introduce a short delay before shipping (but equally, it may not!) - as usual we'll be as fast as we can!

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March 2007 Acoustic Trio Italian Tour Dates

The Italian Acoustic Trio dates are fast approaching and 2 new dates have been added recently - Pescara and Palermo.

For full info go here:

At this point these are the only confirmed live dates for 2007. At present we don't know whether further trio dates will be added, or whether there will be an electric tour later in the year, or where any additional shows may take place if they're added, so please don't email us asking that - we genuinely don't know! Confirmed dates will always be added to the site, so that's the place to check.

Album MP3s

We've started adding Camino albums in MP3 format to the shop for download.
Camino tracks are standard 192 kbps MP3 files that are compatible with ALL computers, iPods and MP3 players.

Camino files have no 'DRM' or copy protection built in.

To see which albums are available go here:

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