March 23, 2006

MVD and BrinkDVD join forces to bring TV Party and other edgy material to DVD.

MVD, one of the leading producers of Music DVD, is joining forces with BrinkDVD to release a new line of DVDs that explore the margins of pop culture.

BrinkDVD produces arresting and entertaining audio visual artifacts worthy of any collection. If life is worth living, it is worth living on the brink. Those are words to fight about in any language.

In 1978, in New York City, two revolutionary trends emerged: public access cable TV and punk rock. Public access was about do-it-yourself television. Punk was about do-it-yourself music. These two phenomena were made for each other and they came together spectacularly in Glenn O’Brien’s TV Party. Billed as "The TV show that’s a cocktail party but which could be a political party," this public access hour brought an hour of the wildest of the wild to live television every week.

Now more than 25 years later, BrinkDVD presents the documentary film TV Party, featuring footage from the original show and new interviews of the trend setting participants. BrinkDVD will also release many of the original episodes, beginning with the Premier Show which aired December 18, 1978.

In addition to the TV Party series, BrinkDVD will offer many other interesting and off-beat titles. The first of which will be Pornstar Pets, a portrayal of unconditional love, for those who are striving for success and celebrity in a realm that is often viewed as de-humanizing. Through intimate interviews with some of the porn industries biggest stars telling us about their lesser known, but greatly beloved pets, we learn that loving your pet is one of the most human traits of all.

"This is MVD's first foray into TV on DVD, which by all reports is a vibrant sector," says Ed Seaman, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MVD. "And this is the perfect content for us to launch with, considering our background and strength in early punk rock on DVD. BrinkDVD is a great new partner for us, we are anticipating a very strong launch and a great relationship."

BrinkDVD can trace its roots to the infamous user-driven high participation e-zine The Brink at Users upload photos, films, music and essays in an "automatic magazine" format that was the brainchild of Internet Pioneer Danny Vinik, whose company Brink Media (see has created some of the web's most dynamic web sites, including Kevin Spacey's filmmaker's community site,, and (macromedia site of the day December, 2005)

In addition, Brink Media's sister company Brink Films (see has produced some of the highest velocity indie fare of the last decade, films like Jonas Ã…kerlund's Spun and Harvey Wang's The Last New Yorker (currently in post- production).

In 2006, the Brinkmobiles (see will tour the country promoting BrinkDVD and also taking the pulse of the counter culture, making sure it still exists. If you want a Brinkmobile to visit your establishment, email to get on the itinerary.

"BrinkDVD is a reaction to the limitations of the Indie film marketplace," says Vinik. "It’s a way to grab a hold of the energies of the emergent digital culture and take you to the brink of what's possible."

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