March 22, 2006

Unitopia: Prog Rock For The World

Unitopia - (yu-nih-to-pi-E): meaning living together as one in a place of ideal perfection especially in law, government and social conditions.

Unitopia is a musical adventure comprising the vocal & songwriting of Mark Trueack, the production, songwriting, keyboard e vocals of Sean Timms, the guitar and vocal of Matt Williams, the bass and vocals of David Griece, and the combined drum/percussion heartbeats of Monty Ruggiero and Tim Irrgang.

Unitopia endeavor to draw from the heart and soul of the listener, thought provoking topics such as environmental awareness, political and social upheaval, media misrepresentation, the hectic pace of life and human relationships, all in a positive and uplifting light.

Using a progressive rock framework as a basis for Sean & Mark´s compositions, the pair quickly established a great writing rapport, extending the style to include elements of world music, classical, heavy rock and dance, that culminated in the completion of their debut album, "More Than a Dream", in 2005.

Mark & Sean gathered some of Australia´s finest musicians and singers to contribute to the project, including conductor, arranger and composer Tim Sexton and the Adelaide Art Orchestra, thus ensuring the standard of playing on the CD is second to none.

The band can be contacted via their website at

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