April 04, 2006

The 18 Fingers of Death hits DVD April 11, 2006

Buford Lee has starred in eight hundred and three “B” martial art movies. Lee dreams ofbecoming an action star, the only problem is nobody knows who he is - nobody, except Ronald Mack. Fresh out of inner city high school and full of unstoppable energy, Mack is determined to shoot a documentary and let the rest of the world in on his hero – Buford Lee.

Through selected action scenes from Buford’s classic movies like, “I Kill You Until YouDie”, “17 Fingers of Death” and “The Legend of the Drunken Bastard”, personal footage and interviews, Ronald documents Buford Lee’s quest to make his “break out” movie, “18 FINGERS OF DEATH”.

When the investors pull out of the project, Ronald teams up with Buford to help him make “18 FINGERS OF DEATH” as an independent movie. Will Hollywood ever know who Buford Lee is?

This “sock-umentary” will kick your butt with fast action and furious laughs, and have you rooting for the underdog in this heartwarming tale of attaining your dreams. If you liked “KUNG FU HUSTLE” and “THIS IS SPINAL TAP”, you’ll love… “18 FINGERS OF DEATH”.

Click on http://www.18fingersofdeath.com/ for more info!

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