April 12, 2006

Emanem new releases available April 20

"Supermodel Supermodel" (2002-3)

GAIL BRAND (trombone), TIM PERKIS (laptop), GINO ROBAIR (percussion, etc), JOHN SHIURBA (electric guitar) MATTHEW SPERRY (double bass, etc). 13 pieces recorded during three visits that Gail Brand made to the San Francisco area. Duo, trio, quartet and quintet free improvisations. As Gino Robair says: "The music on this CD is an excellent example of what I like most about free improvisation: that musicians can meet for the first time and, without much more than a simple introduction, make exciting and unusual music." 71 minutes.

HOWARD RILEY "Two is One" (2005)

For his first overdubbed piano recording in 25 years, Riley recorded one part as if he were playing a solo, then immediately overdubbed a second part while the first was still fresh in his mind. The end result is nine duo improvisations, plus a jazz tribute to Monk. 62 minutes.

All Emanem & Psi CDs are now available except 4002, 4015 & 4067 which are currently out of stock. www.emanemdisc.com

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