April 19, 2006

Jadoo Adds New Products for “Off-Grid” Critical Power Markets

Jadoo Adds New Products for “Off-Grid” Critical Power Markets: Professional Broadcasters, Portable Office, and Emergency Responders

Jadoo Power Systems Inc. (Jadoo) www.jadoopower.com, the leading supplier of portable fuel cell power systems, announced today that it will be introducing its expanded line of fuel cell products next week at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB2006) tradeshow in Las Vegas.

As the leader in portable fuel cell shipments to the professional broadcast market for over two years, Jadoo will introduce new application solutions that make using and refilling fuel cells easy:

· FillOne™ refill station
· PowerBase™ desktop support stand
· N-Stor360™ fuel canister

FillOne was designed for the mobile or independent user. Weighing only 3 pounds and capable of operating with a 12VDC voltage input, the single-port FillOne refill station provides the necessary rapid refill time for users on the go. The FillOne can even be directly powered by a Fuel Cell Power unit. The high-performance, FillPoint™ filling station, designed for the high-volume enterprise user was introduced last year at NAB2005.

PowerBase, a sleek support stand, readies the fuel cell power unit for use in the field or on the bench. Combined with the new N-Stor360 canister that delivers 360 watt hours of energy, customers have everything they need to use fuel cell power with a variety of applications, including field-ready laptops, emergency response radios and other equipment used in extended “off-grid” situations, including professional broadcast cameras.

“Our customers have been asking for a value-priced mobile refilling option and the addition of the FillOne to our product line clearly addresses this need,” stated Jack Peterson, VP of Sales and Marketing.

For more information about Jadoo Power Systems, please contact:
Jadoo Power Systems, 181 Blue Ravine Road, Folsom, CA 956030
Phone: (916) 608-9044 Fax: (415) 532-1426 Email: info@jadoopower.com.

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