April 10, 2006

New releases from Subversive Cinema

Subversive Cinema is putting out a nice array of great titles that really belong to the "subversive" category - and thank Gosh for that!

The first one is METAL SKIN, Geoffrey Wright's pulse-pounding, fast-paced film. Parked firmly next to George Miller's Mad Max series, this flick is proof that Australians know how to make the best racing movies in the world.
Joe (Aden Young), who lives in the suburbs of Melbourne and takes care of his retarded "pop", is a fan of fast cars. But his life changes when he meets his racing idol, Dazey (Ben Mendelsohn) and fells in love with Savina (Tara Morice), a goth girl who´s into black magic - and loves Dazey.
Yeah, I know, sounds like a Darren Starr soap-opera plot - but, in true Shakesperian fashion, there is tragedy and loss - but in the shape of a climatic racing showdown that put The Fast and Furious to shame.
One of Wright's great achievements was discovering Russel Crowe´s talents on his film Romper Stomper. So, who knows what he´s going to do next? Wait and see...

On the other hand of the spectrum we have David Lynch´s DUMBLAND, consisting of eight animated episodes. The less we can say about David Lynch´s work, the better, to avoid spoiling the surprises this movie genius has in store. So. let´s stay with Lynch´s own blurb (that can´t be found anywhere on the cover, btw): "Dumbland is a crude, stupid, violent and absurd series. If it is funny, it is funny because we see the absurdity of it all".

More info at Subversive Cinema´s website.

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