April 25, 2006

Punk is not dead - it´s CHARGED!

Chaotic Alliance - A New Breed Of Terror

It’s 1984! Not really, but you would be saying that too after you heard Chaotic Alliance’s new album, A New Breed of Terror. This album will surely aid you in your fist-pumping frenzy to shredding guitar solos and vocals that will surely make your ears bleed. Along with the fact no one in the band is of drinking age, they have toured the US, ensuing a following across the country and have been featured on the latest Punx Unite Compilation on Side One Dummy/Charged Records. “Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, these kids are on the fast track to being one of the best punk bands in the U.S.” (FNS records/zine out of Boston, MA) This album is a must have if you adore bands like English Dogs, and Broken Bones.

The Abuse - Digging Your Own Grave

The Abuse are an angry bunch from Vacaville, California. The band has strong oi! roots in bands such as Blitz, The Ejected and Abrasive Wheels, but The Abuse are not just another UK82 carbon copy to roll your eyes at. The female vocals cut like a razor and pack a violent punch much more aggressive than any of the girls you may be used to hearing. No sing songy melodic vocals here! This is raw energetic music for true punks and skins.

More info at the Charged Records website!

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