May 05, 2006

Autopsyrotica - a new graphic book by Chad Michael Ward

After the greatly successful launch of his first collection, "Black Rust", which has gone back to press twice, NBM Publishing is proud to present Chad Michael Ward´s next: "Autopsychotica".

Much more story based in that it is a unified universe he presents. He chooses here to add an old time sepia to his work. He also veers more heavily into erotica, but mixes it with death. "A journal of Death and her coinjoined twin, Sex", says Ward on his afterword. The death of his own father, a man he admits to barely knowing, was also a creative motor.

Autopsyhotica is very dark and goth, and continues to show how Ward is honing his skills at mixing media digitally. Planetary's John Cassaday says, in the introduction: "The images here tell a story... Each leaving questions".

Coming next from NBM Publishing are Ted Rall's "Silk Road to Ruin" and the second volume of Richard Moore's "Boneyard", among others.

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