May 13, 2006

Glass Hammer - Live At Belmont

Far more than a mere treat for the ears, Glass Hammer’s double-DVD set, Live at Belmont, is a veritable feast of both sight and sound. Superbly mixed in 5.1 surround sound, Live at Belmont delivers an experience that transports the viewer right to the front row of a magical live performance.

Experience the world’s premier progressive rock band in all its majesty, supported by Belmont University’s 150+ member choir and The Adonia String Trio. As with their studio recordings, Glass Hammer’s Live at Belmont delivers progressive rock music the way it should be: overflowing with excitement, full of personality and emotion, expertly performed, and commanding the attention of all that listen.

Set list:
Long and Long Ago
One King
Run Lisette
Farewell to Shadowlands
Through a Glass Darkly
Knight of the North
When We Were Young
Having Caught a Glimpse
Heroes and Dragons

Behind-the-scenes video footage - Rehearsal video footage - Slideshow with commentary - Over 250 minutes of content

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