May 05, 2006


Recognizes Musical Harmonies and Automatically Displays Them as Guitar Chords

May 5, 2006, Miami, FL – MAGIX, a worldwide leader in music and video editing software1, announced today the new version of MAGIX Music Maker 11 deluxe. MAGIX Music Maker 11 deluxe is the world’s first consumer software to recognize musical harmonies and display them onscreen automatically as guitar chords. Great for amateur musicians and consumers alike, Music Maker 11 deluxe provides real 5.1 surround sound and the world’s first MP3 Surround Sound for the ultimate sound quality on any speakers. MAGIX Music Maker 11 deluxe will be available in the beginning of May in retail stores and at priced at $59.99.

New Easy-to-Use Smart Interface & Features

MAGIX Music Maker 11 deluxe features an all-new easy-to-use “smart” interface for improved ease-of-use and more advanced features and functions for post-editing and mastering power.

World’s First “Harmony Agent”

Playing along to favorite songs on a guitar is not always as easy as it seems. But that’s where the fun and joy of playing music really begins. With Music Maker 11 deluxe, MAGIX launches the world’s first “Harmony Agent,” which recognizes music and automatically finds the chords of the song, displaying them on the screen. Simply upload your music file into MAGIX Music Maker 11 deluxe and the Harmony Agent will automatically analyze the music and display the guitar chords for you to play along.

MAGIX Music Maker 11 deluxe is also the first consumer music software with full 5.1 Surround Sound integration (import, edit, and export), supporting the new Fraunhofer MP3 surround format.

The impressive software offers new features:

  • MAGIX Mastering Suite lets anyone mix perfect CDs every time.
  • MAGIX Elastic Audio Easy makes post-editing of vocals a snap.
  • MP3 Surround Sound.
  • Professional-level “Sample Player” assists in sampling the highest-quality sound.
  • New and optimized effects.
  • Master and burn finished songs directly onto CD or DVD.
  • Harmony Agent finds chords of songs.
  • Smart Interface for ease-of-use.

MAGIX Music Maker 11 deluxe will be available in the beginning of May in retail stores and at priced at $59.99.

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