May 01, 2006

Sister of Mine - a film to be avoided, even if it´s free.

God really hates me.

Not only I had to suffer thru 46 minutes of this 80+ minutes, more-than-amateurish home movie disguised as feature film, but I also had to read a bunch of e-mails of the fella who made this dreck almost FORCING me to review it. In fact, he wanted a good review - or else.

His last e-mail was that one:

"Hello, where IS the review? There is no excuse to not have it posted. Was this all just a scam?"

That was my answer:

"No. I decided not to post it because I haven´t found anything good to say about your "movie". But if you really want, I can make a review thrashing your work."

Was I too rude?

Well, you would be too after watching, or trying to watch, "Sister of Mine" - one of the most amateurish, horribly directed, terribly acted, poorly scripted and overpadded film I´ve seen in decades.

Looks like the guy didn´t liked an honest opinion of his movie. Here's the e-mail he sent me:

"Well Sergio, I have a program that posts to over 1000 Blogs at once and a Newsletter that goes to millions of people I have collected over the past 5 years, including muscians and filmmakers. I will tell them you are just a scam artist looking for free media for your own enjoyment with no intention of reviewing their material. Good day".

Atta loser!

BTW, this fella is from a company called HAYDEN VIDEO. And if he actually manages to do that, I´ll sue the motherfucker for slander.


Here's the last email from this maniac:

"Ok Sergio, here's how it works, you will post my response to your post or I will see that all filmmakers and musicians... millions of them... will be warned about your racket. Here it is:

Sergio wrote me nearly 2 months ago requesting a DVD of mine to be sent, I sent it immediately to him. Week after week passed. NO review on either his Blog or his website, excuse after excuse followed. Still to this day NO comprehensive review. I told him if he did not deliver on his promise to me I would expose him for the scam artist and fraud he is. APPARENTLY THE MAN ASK PEOPLE FOR FREE ENTERTAINMENT.

Sergio, you will give me my review or I will make it my life's goal to show what a phony you are".

And my answer:

"Your review is up. You can´t call me a scam artist anymore.

Plus, your shitty movie can hardly be called "entertainment".

And fyi, there are other professional journalists with EIGHT MONTH screeners on their wait lists. I´d like to see you threatening THEM.

Face it: you can hardly shoot a wedding home movie. The best thing for you, and the world, is to stop making movies".

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