July 15, 2006

New DVDs about Led Zeppelin and Bob Dylan

Available on DVD August 8, 2006 through MVD

Visual and Sexy Intellectual are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Led Zeppelin: The Origin of the Species for U.S. distribution on DVD. This 70-minute film covers the years of struggling before Led Zeppelin, including the session studios and amateur band scene of the 1960s. It then focuses on the modest success of outfits like The Yardbirds and Band of Joy, and eventually culminates in the formation of Led Zeppelin, the first two albums, international acclaim and popularity. It features exceptional musical performances, obscure footage, uncommon interviews, and rarely seen photographs.

The program is injected with review, comment, criticism and insight from Alan Clayson, author of The Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin – How Why and Where It All Began; Chris Welch, former Melody Maker journalist; Keith Altham, ex-1960s NME editor; Chris Dreja, Yardbirds guitarist; and many more.

Featuring Live and Studio Recordings of these Classics: Whole Lotta Love, Good Times Bad Times, Dazed and Confused, Communication, Breakdown, and Rock and Roll.

Bonus Video
1. “The Story of the Yardbirds”
2. “The Hardest Led Zeppelin Quiz In The World Ever”
3. “Beyond DVD”
4. Contributor biographies

BOB DYLAN - After The Crash: Bob Dylan 1966 – 1978
Available on DVD August 29, 2006 through MVD Visual

MVD and Chrome Dreams are pleased to announce the home viewing release of After The Crash: Bob Dylan 1966 – 1978 for U.S. distribution on DVD. After The Crash: Bob Dylan 1966 – 1978 mixes historic footage with review and criticism from experts, friends, fellow musicians who played with Bob, and even the odd enemy. It covers the history of Bob’s ‘middle period’, from his still controversial motorcycle accident through to his conversion to born again Christianity.

Once again, this film is produced in collaboration with Isis Magazine, the world’s best selling and most respected Dylan journal. Writers and critics Clinton Heylin, Nigel Williamson, Patrick Humphries and Derek Barker offer their thoughts on the records and other projects completed by Dylan across this period; Jacques Levy, in his final interview, discusses his work with Bob on the Desire album; musicians Rob Cornelius, Bruce Langhorne, Eric Weissberg, Kevin Odegard, Rob Stoner and Scarlet Riviera all talk of their experiences working with Bob Dylan in the studio and on the road, and this is just the beginning.

This program is the most informative, inspiring and downright entertaining document on this period of Bob Dylan’s life yet to emerge. It's what every Dylan fan has been waiting years to see, the fully documented history of Bob Dylan’s most secretive period, augmented with Bob’s music, rarely viewed footage, previously unseen photographs and a host of other features.

Extra features include the “Interactive Bob Dylan Discography”, the comprehensive Isis bootleg selection, the complete 1971 Weberman tapes (the full recordings of telephone conversations between Dylan and Weberman, surreptitiously recorded by AJ) and selective ‘Beyond DVD’ section.

Features Rare Performances of these Bob Dylan Classics
• Just Like A Woman
• She Belongs To Me
• Girl From The North Country [with Johnny Cash]
• Baby Let Me Follow You Down [with The Band]
• Simple Twist Of Fate
• and many others…

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