August 12, 2006

Aprés MDV, le delúge!

MVD Visual and A TON of renowed producing companies are putting out on the market a lot of DVD titles for all tastes conceivable by the human mind. Let's check? Let's.


Using the cover of a 2005 anniversary celebration of a fashionable hotel in Tucson Arizona, Green On Red gathered at the Rialto Theater to honor the memory of a fallen comrade, drummer Alex MacNicol. Sharing the stage for the first time in nearly two decades, Green On Red played an emotional set of sloppy brilliance. Drifting down Congress Avenue, Green On Red asked tourists from Brazil, if they would care to shoot what was about to occur. Although the Brazilians were unable to understand English, they followed the band into the venue anyway, and the rest is history! Reviews from NME claim that Green On Red is “One of America's best live bands,” while the New York Times says, “Green on Red have been one of America's best bands for years.” Allan Jones from Uncut exclaims, “hymns to the dispossessed... brilliant essential listening.”

Tracklist: Death and Angels, Hair of the Dog, Cheap Wine, Gravity Talks, Jimmy Boy, Keep on Moving, No Free Lunch, 16 Ways, Time Ain't Nothing, The Drifter, Sea of Cortez, We Ain't Free, Clarksville, Fading Away, Ghost Hand, That's What Dreams. Running Time: 85 mins


Sue Foley is one of the leading lights of the contemporary blues scene. Through the DVD Live In Europe you can fully enjoy her remarkable songwriting skills and unique vocal style live. She has the remarkable ability to add a contemporary twist to each of her songs while still performing traditional songs with a flare leaving you wanting more. All songs on this DVD were recorded live at the Underground in Köln/Germany on 6th December 2005.Bonus Features include interviews, photogallery, and a Bonus-Concert: Live in Amsterdam

Tracks: The Snake, Queenbee, Hooked On Love (Instrumental), Me And My Chauffeur, Fool Me Good, Same Thing, Hooker Thing (Instrumental), Breakfast (Instrumental), Found My Love, Absolution, Change Your Mind, New Used Car, Gone Blind (Solo Piece). Approx. 88 Minutes


Bob Brozman’s Live in Germany is a performance like none other. Brozman is redefining musical diversity worldwide with his endearing, infectious energy. A master of slide, fingerstyle, and percussive guitar, Brozman delivers an unforgettable live performance. His ability to combine elements of blues, jazz, Gypsy swing, calypso, sega, and even the most modern hip-hop and ska beats is unparalled. Brozman is a true player in the world music scene. Bonus Features include interviews, photogallery, and “Guitar Workshop”

Tracks: Down The Road, Rattlesnake Blues, Hawaiian Heat Waves, Debussy A La Reunion, Jinx Blues Hop, Neuro Training Box, One Steady Roll, Love In Vain, Guitar Anthropology, Death Comes Creepin', Death Calypso, Hammock Blues, La Vie En Rose, Rolling Through This World, Little Tough Guy Blues. Run Time: Approx. 121 Minutes


Three young and talented Blues artists Aynsley Lister, Ian Parker, Erja Lyytinen hit the road together in Europe and the USA with the annual Ruf Records BluesCaravan label tour. Performing in clubs and on festivals, they play songs they have created during their pilgrimage to the roots of the Blues in the American South calling themselves the New Generation. This DVD was recorded during the opening concert of the BluesCaravan in Cologne for WDR Rockpalast in front of an excited audience. The sets of the individual artists follow, each lasting about thirty minutes, and then they finish together with a grand finale. Bonus Features include interviews, photogallery, and a backstage fIlm

Tracks: Mississippi Lawnower Blues, Time Bears Witness, Dreamland Blues, She's Alright, Heal Me Love, The Moral Man, By Your Side, If It Must Be / In The Morning, Nasty Weather, You Talk Dirty, I Think Of You, Rain In Your Live, Everthing I Need, I Belive, Coming Home 2 U, Hush, 1010 Degress, Too Much To Hide, Last Love Song, All The Time, Blues Caravan. Run Time: Approx. 150 Minutes


Lead singer/songwriter of FAMILY in the late 60's/early 70's, ROGER CHAPMAN notched up TOP 10 Hit singles around the world. In 2002, at a sold out Newcastle Opera House, Roger opened his UK tour. He trawls through his enormously popular catalogue, providing over 2 hours of Classic Rock. This DVD is a timely reminder of a great vocalist who proves the timeless international appeal of quality rock music.

Tracks: Kiss My Soul, Down Bound Train, Habits Of A Lifetime, Midnite Child, Blind Willie McTell, 18 Wheels & A Crowbar, X Town, The Weavers Answer, My Friend The Sun, Holding The Compass, Shank (Shadow On The Wall), Toe Nail Draggin, Short List, Burlesque, Jesus & The Devil, In My Own Time. Run Time: Approx. 150 Minutes


This concert was filmed at The Anvil Theatre in Basingstoke, England on February 23, 2002. In addition to the 19-song set, it includes an exclusive interview with the band. Special guests include Anna Ryder (Vocals and Accordion on "The Crowd," "Move Love Is In America," "Madeleine") and Vikki Clayton. With thrilling live music and a close look at an extremely talented band, this DVD will make a great addition to your collection.

Tracklist: Walk Awhile, Banks Of The Sweet Primroses, Happy Man, The Crowd, My Love Is In America, Madeleine, Deserter, Medley: Everything But The Skirl & Let There Be Drums, Talking About My Love, Light Of Day, Portmerion, Crazy Man Michael, The Wood And The Wire, Hexamshire Lass, John Gaudie, Hiring Fair, Matty Groves, Meet On The Ledge. Run Time: 153 minutes

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