July 31, 2007

"In Search of the Great Beast 666", a great documentary about Aleister Crowley, is out!

Michael Moore’s explosive film Fahrenheit 9/11 changed the way the public viewed documentary exposures, grossing more than $220,000,000 worldwide. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth followed the same model.

In Search of the Beast 666, unearths the astonishing facts surrounding a man in the not too distant past, who proclaimed himself as the Beast 666; and became known to the British press as ‘The Wickedest Man in the World’. This film reveals the truth and facts behind some of his lesser known but even more chilling exploits.

Did he really turn Victor Neuberg into a camel? Could he become invisible as he claimed? Did he copy down a book dictated to him by an Egyptian god? Whilst these may have been greatly exaggerated myths, Some of the facts revealed are;

• He was chased out of Italy by Mussolini, proclaiming Crowley as “the man he would most like to hang”

• One of the most astonishing roles Crowley played on the stage of world events was that of secret agent. At a moment in history when the United States was seriously considering entering World War I on Germany's side, Crowley, working undercover for British Intelligence, secured a job writing for an English-language German propaganda newspaper boasting that it was God's will that Germany rule the world.

• During WWII At the request of his friend, naval intelligence officer Ian Fleming (creator of James Bond 007), Crowley provided Winston Churchill with valuable insights into the superstitious mindset of the leaders of Hitler's Third Reich during the Second World War. He suggested that Churchill exploit the Nazis' magical paranoia by being photographed as much as possible giving the two-fingered "V for Victory" gesture - a powerful symbol of destruction and annihilation that, according to magical tradition, is capable of defeating the perverted solar energies represented by the Nazi swastika.

But the most unthinkable revelation of all...

Evidence points to the disturbing possibility that Aleister Crowley was the true father of Barbara Bush, the former First Lady and mother to President George W. Bush........!

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