July 13, 2007

A lucky day for Prog Rock fans!

Today is the release of DIMENSION X's new CD, Implications of a Genetic Defense.

With this album, these North American Proggers continue two traditions: A Friday the 13th release date, and a story worthy of their old time radio namesake (Dimension X was one of the first serial science fiction programs, running from April 8th, 1950 until September 29th, 1951).

This Futureshock concept album deals with the impact of modern genetic science on the Law, or in the absence of law, Justice.

The "Implications" CD brings two new members: drum artist Eddie Shapanske, and guitarist Troy Stetina (aspiring shredders will be familiar with the Stetina Series of guitar books and DVDs as well as his featured column " return to shred" in Guitar One Magazine.)

Heavy, brooding, and intricate, "Implications of a Genetic Defense" delivers.

MP3 Samples available at Unicorn Records

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