July 17, 2007

MAV (magni animi viri) "Heroes Temporis" - symphonic prog rock at its finest!

Heroes Temporis is the result of a truly ambitious fusion of a progressive band - excellent italian group Magni Animi Viri, or MAV for short - with a 100-musician orchestra (the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra, directed by Giacomo Simonelli). Of course, this isn't the first rock opera to come from Italy (PFM's "Dracula" immediately comes to mind), but it surely is one of the finest in recent days.

Idealized by Giancarlo Trotta and Luca Contegiacomo, Heroes Temporis follows the journey of its main character (narrated by Matteo Salsano), who goes into a quest of knowledge and purification just to find out that life, in short, is an illusion.

Enjoy 60 minutes of great music with the collaborations of excellent musicians like Francesco Napoletano (tenor from the Arena Foundation of Verona), Ivana Giugliano (vocals, NCCP), Marco Sfogli (guitar, played with NCCP and James La Brie), Randy Coven and Roberto D'Aquino (bass and stick bass) and drummer John Macaluso, who played with Yngwie Malmsteen.

More at www.magnianimiviri.com.

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