July 05, 2007

Meet Auticada, a revelation of the italian prog rock!

The band was founded in 1994 by Antonio Facchini (guitar), Davide Lamagni (drums), Marco Baldini (bass, who left the band one year later), Massimo Pirotti (keyboard) and Matteo Grazioli (vocals). But things really started in 1996. With the bass is temporary in the hands of Matteo, they write their first songs: "L'Ospite dei Sogni" and "La Luna e il Cavaliere".

In this same year, Alessandro joins the band at the vocals, helping to compose a new song ("Immagine Riflessa") and finding the name for the band: AUICADA, the anagram of the scientific name of a tropical bird.

The band gives his first performance live at the "Cashbah" in Pegognaga - MN.
Matteo decides to leave the group, but Marco, spectator of the first live performance of Auticada, takes the decision to come back in the band.

In 2004, after 10 years of collaboration, Antonio Facchini, one of the founder of the band, decides to leave, being replaced by Massimo Piasenti. Thank to the new definitive line-up, the group takes home the victory from the Portiolo live festival and starts recording their first CD, Aurea, released under the Videoradio label.

To know more, check their website.

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