October 18, 2007

Renee Zawawi - No Longer a Secret, But Now a Future Legend!

Renee Zawawi and her stirring dance-pop sound WAS America's best kept secret since, uh, the location of Hoffa's nose.

Well, not anymore.

This pixie from PA has been all around the globe with her party-time tracks, capturing the minds and hearts of the audience and being compared from prime-time Madonna do Bjork, among others. No simple feat, dudes.

Her debut album, LEGENDS, produced by Michael Guerriero and Rick Lessier, features Zawawi's vulnerable and infectious voice singing songs about the bst and worst experiences she had thru life. Every track booms, pulses and croons with its own flavor, whether it be party-time excellent or sentimental emotions.

Keep updated on this new voice on www.reneezawawi.com.

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