March 31, 2006

News from Skyscraper Media

JEFF WALKER UND DIE FLUFFERS - Welcome to Carcass Cuntry
CD (Fractured Transmitter)
You all remember who Jeff Walker used to be: the quick-witted, sardonic bassist/vocalist who helped bring British grindcore/death metal legends Carcass to life in the late ‘80s. But those days are ancient history now. Today, he’s the quick-witted, sardonic bassist/vocalist who has helped breathe new life into 11 American country folk/rock classics on his debut solo album, Welcome to Carcass Cuntry. Together with the of help of a virtual who’s-who of European metal, Walker and his crew cover songs written by legendary, grizzled and/or deceased drunks like Hank Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Skeeter Davis, The Byrds, John Denver, and Johnny Cash. The recording features an all-star lineup of members from Faith No More, Napalm Death, H.I.M., and The Hellacopters to name just a few. Listen:

WITH LOVE - A Great Circle
Since the late '90s, quartet With Love have been a constantly evolving presence on the Italian D.I.Y. scene. The past few years have seen the group mutate from the all-out thrash/hardcore of their early EPs to a more experimental and abstract variety of sounds, informed by the likes of Liars, Men's Recovery Project, Black Dice, etc. Meanwhile, vocalist Nico Vascellari has pursued a rapidly-accelerating career in visual and performance art. A Great Circle represents the intersection of both his music and his previously more highbrow-oriented art. The two-sided CD/DVD (dual disc) includes two programs: The CD portion of A Great Circle, a 32-minute album composed and performed by With Love; and on the flipside is the standard region-free DVD portion, a 32-minute film by Vascellari. Combining evocative images of nature and a playful, surreal approach to the band's live performance, A Great Circle is an ambitious and challenging accomplishment. Listen:

MOCCASIN - Last Leaf
CD (Invisible Cities)
Moccasin (the Denver band formerly known as Nightingale) has created its own natural sound entangling thick swells of guitar with dreamy vocal melodies, rooted by a deep and heavy rhythm section. They have erected a sonic giant; wielding fuzz pedals, reverb tanks, and tape echoes as a means to forge immense walls of analog sound. Comparisons have been made to Ride, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Sonic Youth, Spacemen 3, and The Verve. Last Leaf takes six songs from the band's debut EP and adds two new tracks for a full-sounding record that meshes hints of British rock (shoegaze), American psychedelia, and thick, dreamy aural arrangements. Listen:

Current Projects

The Beatings - Holding on to Hand Grenades CD (Midriff)
BPA - Maybe Use My Knife CD (Shake It)
The Jai-Alai Savant - Thunderstatement CDEP (GSL)
Miranda Sound - Western Reserve CD (Sunken Treasure)
The Positions - Bliss! CD (Lazyline Media)
Red Animal War - Seven Year War CD (End Sounds)
Saboteur - Saboteur CDEP (End Sounds)
Year Future - First World Fever CD (GSL)
V/A - Auto Glamour Sound CD (Shake It)

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