April 14, 2006

3 Dev Adam hits DVD!

ONAR FILMS has decided to put all Holywood blockbuster companies out of business! Yes! We proudly announce that some time in the first days of April we will release this legendary film on official DVD, with English subtitles and cool extras! And we are humbly positive that the sales will be gigantic if not phenomenal...

Seriously now, the bitter truth is that sales will be tragic. But it''s also true that ONAR FILMS will never be daunted nor restrained and will always be crazy enough to release such films - whether the majority likes it or not!

Everything is under control and neatly arranged for a decent official. Again, as in the case of our previous Kilink releases, all sorts of materials were destroyed. In this case they were destroyed in a big fire in 1998, together with 100's of other films owned by the copyright holders.

Rumours mentioned a clean betacam at some TV station but after a strenuous research the result was that some madman had recorded something else over this beta! So, after more, frustrated, research, a clean german vhs was found. It took over 2 months to digitally enhance this print. The outcome was quite rewarding as the picture looks infinitely better than all those bootlegs floating around, without the slightest problem. I couldn't believe my eyes... I'm convinced that even if a betacam had been found it wouldn't look better than this!

Regarding extras now...Hmmm, at this point I have secured 3 interviews, courtesy of Mondo Macabro! There will also be some filmographies and biographies. Plus at least 5 trailers, most of them new ones, never before seen! I really count on them! Greek and english subs will be there. And this time, the english subs will be far better than those in the previous releases as I changed translators!

Again, it will be a super-limited release of 1200 (one thousand two hundred) copies, INDIVIDUALLY NUMBERED BY ME. Finally, I''m currently trying to locate some original stills/posters for a great gallery. I will keep updating my homepage with any new info so you better stick around. The cover of course, will be slightly different as I''m still working on it.

Now, if you happen to not know what film this is, suffice to say this: CAPTAIN AMERICA AND SANTO, TAKE ON A MANIAC CRIMINAL CALLED SPIDER MAN... And this takes place in Turkey!

More at www.onarfilms.com


I can now assure you that I have secured a nice photo collection so that there will definitely be an impressive photogallery on the dvd! This means I can now finalize the cover of the dvd and I will put it up in about a week from now. Otherwise, things are going according to schedule and I want to believe that the dvd will be out before April 10th. If this changes I will let you know in my next update, here. Thanks for checking out!


"Whatever can go wrong, WILL go wrong", says one of Murphy''s laws. I always thought I was a jinx and bad luck was not only after me but also after the people I like and love. To start with, this project looked it would be cursed from the beginning. In December, I had a great friend in Istanbul who was helping me find producers and movies and materials and connections etc. You must know that no producer there speaks english. Suddenly, my friend disappeared. And after 3 months I found out he was attacked and injured by some criminals and was hiding away from Istanbul!

Now, I found a turkish guy who would do the subtitling for the movie and the 3 interviews. He already sent me the movie subs and they were EXCELLENT! And he was about to do the interviews which were supposed to be ready over a week ago. But ALAS! He has disappeared too! For the last 10 days he doesn''t reply to my emails and his phone is out of service. And he wasn''t even paid for the movie subs. I fear that he may be dead or something, maybe a coma in the best case. Now, unless he miraculously pops up with some good news and a simple explanation, I will have to search for another subtitler. And this would mean at least 2 more weeks delay. So, let''s forget April 10th. Late April looks more likely under these circumstances. SORRY!! Oh, in a couple of days the cover will be ready and it will be up here for you to check.


I forgot to add what happened to my very 1st turkish connection last year...He got divorced all of a sudden and, obviously, quit helping me! Now, some MORE, BAD NEWS! The guy who was going to do the subs and disappeared for 12 days rang me up today!! He said he had a terrible accident. He took a dive with the lift he was in, from the 4th floor and was in hospital in critical condition for over a week! Now, am I a bloody jinx or these movies are cursed? Whatever it is I WILL NEVER GIVE UP! WHAT DOESN''T DESTROY ME MAKES ME STRONGER!

The great news now is that this guy had almost finished the subs. So, in a couple of days I''ll have them! This means that the dvd could be out no sooner than April 15th and no later than the 20th. Now, let''s see what happens to the guys who are making the authoring of the dvd... Fingers crossed my good friends...


I think the devil has nothing better to do than mess with me and my whole life. After endless delays etc I managed to finish the subs for the interviews. But still there are a few things that need to be taken care of, which means that the release date will definitely be some time at the end of April. But the worst thing is that I just found out that some HACKER violated my web site data and erased my paypal info and substitued it with his!! As a result 3 customers who thought they were paying me paid that sonofaB''!!!!!!! And even worse, he emptied their credit cards since they entered all their paypal info into this FAKE CRIMINAL ACCOUNT whose owner may rot in mud and his filthy soul burn in hell after I gouge his eyes out and feed them to the stray dogs!!! Of course this will have been taken care of in a couple of days as paypal and my webmaster have already been alarmed. THANK GOD MY SALES ARE SO PATHETIC!! All this happened within a period of 10 days. Yeah, 3 buyers in 10 days. Imagine this happening to xploitedcinema or sazuma! Ha! They would sure jump off the 20th floor after that... Well, please be on the lookout. My paypal email is always my usual email ( hellasvi@hol.gr ) while the criminal''s paypal email is bay_pass007@yahoo.com and he also sneaked in his email so that I guess those poor buyers have been talking with him! His other email is black_forest5@yahoo.com PLEASE! I URGE ALL PC EXPERTS TO SEND EVERY KIND OF VIRUS, WORMS, TROJANS ETC TO THESE BLOODY EMAILS!! THIS PARASITE MUST BE ELIMINATED!! PLEASE HURT THIS S.O.B!! I''M THRIRSTY FOR HIS DIRTY BLOOD!!!!


First, the hijacking is over! My site is now safer than ever! I also added a special SSL SECURITY and I can claim it couldn''t be more secure now!

The hacker who messed my life up for some days was discovered to be from Indonesia. I have much more info about him and am ready to co-operate with the Interpol or anyone else who can arrest this criminal. And I loved all indonesian films...and me and my country helped the tsunami victims... and I felt sorry for the suffering of Indonesia during the dutch invasion in the 40''s and their problems with terrorism and civil wars etc. And now this vile criminal, picked my site to hijack. And he has made me feel sick of any word starting with indo... And he not only crashed my good feelings for Indonesia but he also put shame on his country because after all now, Indonesia is brought to mind only for bad reasons, like WAR, TERRORISM, HACKERS etc. Mister Hacker..BRAVO! WELL DONE!

Now, the dvd had to stay behind once more. Oh, did I tell you that the assistant of the guy who''s building my dvd menu etc broke his leg and now he has to do two people''s work and finally let my dvd move even slower? So, the new estimation says that the BLOODY DVD will be ready round May 5th. Next week I believe I''ll take the master to the factory and then I will have a very precise release date.


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