April 14, 2006

MVD to release two new Heavy Metal titles on DVD

Music Video Distributors and Metal Mind are pleased to announce the home viewing release of two new Metal DVD titles for North American distribution on DVD. The series will be released on June 6, 2006 (prebook cutoff May 2) and each DVD will boast a $19.95 retail price.


Metalmania is the biggest and the most prestigious metal festival in Central-Eastern Europe. Every year the main stage hosts the top of metal bands from all around the world (DVD), while on the side stage there's a preview of young Polish metal scene (CD.) The 2005 DVD features the best fragments of performances of such renowned artists as Apocalyptica, Napalm Death, Arcturus, Pain, The Haunted, Dark Funeral, Amon Amarth, Turbo and more! The DVD includes detailed info about all bands (biographies, discographies, web links), photo gallery, festival history, 4 downloadable desktop images, and short interviews with all main stage bands featured on the DVD.

DVD Tracklist: Darzamat “Storm”, Dies Irae “Intro / Beyond All Dimensions” and “The Hunger”, ANJ “Set on Fire” and “Power to Destroy”, Amon Amarth “Fate of Norns” and “Death in Fire”, Dark Funeral “Ravenna Strigoi Mortii”, “Secrets of the Black Art”, “Goddess of Sodomy”, and “Armageddon”, The Haunted “99”, “Abysmal” and “Nothing's Right”, Pain “Dancing with the Dead” and “Shut Your Mouth”, Arcturus “Painting My Horror” and “Ad Absurdum”, Turbo “Szalony Ikar”, “Legenda Thora” and “Kawaleria Szatana I”, Napalm Death “Next on the List” and “Silence is Deafening”, Apocalyptica “Bittersweet”, “Betrayal” and “Seek & Destroy”

CD Tracklist: Thunderbolt “Ashes to Ashes… Death to All”, Hermh “Fear of Blood”, Hedfirst “Time for Fight”, Hell-Born “Legacy of the Nephilim”, Quo Vadis “Siódmy Krąg”, Pyorrhoea “Suicidal Masturbation”, Supreme Lord “Death Metal Beast”, Mess Age “Everyday Paranoia”, Abused Majesty “A Burning Army”, Naumachia “Muertos”, Dead By Dawn “A Blind is Leasing a Blind”, Valinor “In the Mist… Part III”

Run Time: 205 minutes. Audio: 5.1 Surround Sound.


This is the first DVD release of Tiamat, a true cult band on the atmospheric metal scene. This 15-song performance, presented in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, was from a show recorded at Krzemionki TV Studio in Kraków, Poland. The setlist includes all Tiamat's "greatest hits" including The Sleeping Beauty, Gaia, Whatever That Hurts, Brighter Than The Sun, as well as highlights of their last studio album (Cain, Wings of Heaven & Clovenhoof). The bonus video section features all promo videoclips, rare and previously unreleased live bootlegs (incl. Where The Serpents Ever Dwell from the first Tiamat show back in 1990) and a special feature - a fan's animated clip to Do You Dream Of Me? This classic collector's item also includes an interview, Johan Edlund's comments to bonus video tracks, discography, photo gallery, and more.

Track List - Live in Poland:Vote For Love, Children Of The Underworld, Cain, Brighter Than The Sun, To Have And Have Not, Whatever That Hurts, I Am In Love With Myself, In A Dream, Wings Of Heaven, Cold Seed, Clovenhoof, As Long As You Are Mine, Love Is As Good As Soma, The Sleeping Beauty, Gaia

Bonus Video: “Where The Serpents Ever Dwell” (First Tiamat live show April 6th, 1990 in Stockholm at the Runan club), “Whatever That Hurts” (Promo video from the Wildhoney album 1995), “Gaia” (Promo video from the Wildhoney album 1995), “Undressed” (Live in Germany, January 1995), “The Ar” (Live in Germany, January 1995), “Alteration X 10” (Deeper Kind Of Slumber recording session at the Woodhouse Studio in Hagen / Germany in January 1995), “Cold Seed” (Promo video from the Deeper Kind Of Slumber album 1997), “Brighter Than The Sun” (Promo video from the Skeleton Skeletron album 1999), “Vote For Love” (Promo video from the Judas Christ album 2002), “Phantasma De Luxe” (Live in Pratteln / Switzerland, March 18th, 2002), “Angel Holograms” (Live in Pratteln / Switzerland, March 18th, 2002), “Cain” (Promo video from the Prey album 2003), “Do You Dream Of Me?” (Animated video directed by Eugen Erhan
www.eugen.ro, 2003)

Run Time: 162 minutes, Audio: 5.1 Surround Sound

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