April 21, 2006

Jen Elliott and Bluestruck's Special Guests at The Red Lion!

City Canyons Records in conjunction with Black Dog Promotions and the New York City Guitar School present not only the release of Jen Elliott and Bluestruck's delicious new EP, "this damn song" on Tuesday, April 25 at the Red Lion and not only present full sets from such terrific talents as Carrie Ashton, Lyza Wilson, Early Grace and the Knot Watkins Invitational Blues Jam but also present some special appearances in Jen's set by some very special talents as you'll see below.

It all takes place at the Red Lion at 151 Bleecker Street in Manhattan this Tuesday! Only $5 at the door! Don't miss it! The music begins at 7:00 p.m.

Deni Bonet Bring Sweet Strings to Jen's Set

Alternative pop violinist Deni Bonet has been described as "Sheryl Crow meets the B 52's". Deni's singing is honest, vulnerable and playful; her approach to the electric violin is totally unique, a combination of passion and technique which establishes a sound that is instantly identifiable.

And she'll be bringing all that marvelous passion and sound to Jen Elliott and Bluestruck's very special set when she guest stars on a couple of great numbers, "Full" and "Try to Forget," recreating the sound that she captured as a guest artist on "this damn song".

Robert Watkins Steels the Show!

Acknowledged as one of the finest blues guitarists in New York, Robert "Knot' Watkins does double duty on Tuesday at the Red Lion. Not only does he head the brilliant talents that compose the Knot Watkins Invitational Blues Jam, but he joins Jen and her band Bluestruck on the lap steel guitar in a very special rendition of "Full Stop," a remarkable song from Jen's upcoming full length album 8 DAYS DOWN.

Timothy Dark and Jen Heat Up the Joint!

Known as a "new kind of rappa" and one of New York's best, Timothy Dark previews his special guest appearance on the upcoming 8 DAYS DOWN allbum when he joins Jen and Bluestruck in the sizzling "You Are So Cruel" at the Red Lion.

Come Party with Jen at the Red Lion on Tuesday!

Remember it all begins Tuesday, April 25 at the Red Lion on 151 Bleecker Street. Jen Elliott and Bluestruck's celebration of the new EP "this damn song," full sets from such vibrant talents as Carrie Ashton, Lyza Wilson, Early Grace and the Knot Watkins Invitation Blues Jam and special appearances by Deni Bonet, Robert Watkins and Timothy Dark. ALL for only $5.00 at the door!

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