April 20, 2006

MAGIX announces MP3 Maker 11

MAGIX, a worldwide leader in music and video editing software, announced today MAGIX MP3 Maker 11, the most successful music management software in the world1. MP3 Maker 11 now offers new intuitive features, such as MAGIX AudioID, which automatically identifies names and track information not only for complete CDs, but also for individual files in seconds. You’ll never again have wrong or incomplete title information in your digital music collection.

Other new features in MAGIX MP3 Maker 11 include MAGIX Headphone Surround, for a full sound experience on the move and at home, even when you have low-quality speakers– enjoy high-quality room sound wherever and whenever you want! You can also listen to, download and record Podcasts and Internet radio, burn CDs, create professional special effects, edit music and sound, and easily synchronize with mobile devices. MAGIX MP3 Maker 11 will be available in the retail channel and on http://www.magix.com/ on May 1, 2006 for $29.99.


The more music you collect on your computer, the more difficult it is to make sure each song is organized with title, genre, artist, and album names. MAGIX AudioID’s automatic identification system makes this manageable. Instead of searching by only file name or keyword, MAGIX AudioID searches the complete file. MAGIX does this by using fingerprint technology from the Fraunhofer Institute (developer of the MP3 file format). MAGIX attaches missing information to individual music files at the touch of a button. It even cleans incomplete ID3 tags of whole music archives. Users can also easily identify unknown track names from Internet radio recordings and personal compilations.

Podcast and Webradio Recorder

MAGIX MP3 Maker 11 turns every PC into an Internet radio and Podcast recorder. The free MAGIX Podcast Service is integrated into the software. It helps you easily find podcasts on any topic, for example: stocks, Formula One, or even flirting tips, which can also be automatically downloaded, burned on disc or transferred onto your mobile player. Furthermore, you can easily submit your own, self made podcasts into the MAGIX Podcast Service for free.

MP3 Maker 11 makes searching for Internet radio extremely easy. Simply enter the name of the artist or song, and the program does the rest. Once you’ve found your selection, MAGIX MP3 Maker 11 downloads the audio files and saves them onto your hard drive. You can then download the files onto you mobile device with the click of the mouse.

Important MP3 Maker 11 Features:

· MAGIX Headphone Surround Sound Effect: full stereo sound
· MAGIX AudioID: supplies title information for individual files, updates whole folders & archives
· Podcasts: listen, download, subscribe, and transfer to portable devices
· Universal Plug & Play: MP3 maker can be used as a music server or network client
· MP3 Player Support: updated interface and improved synchronization
· Webradio: delayed listening, parallel recording, automatically separate titles, etc.
· MAGIX SmartLook: uncomplicated and effortless user guidance
High-End Effects: greatly improved effects, such as Compressor, Equalizer, Enhancer, etc.
· MAGIX ProAudio Technology: 32-Bit float
· Supports Many Formats: including Windows Media DRM (with license)
· MAGIX Music Editor 2.0: cut, crossfade, restore, & edit music professionally in real-time

MAGIX MP3 Maker 11 will be available in the retail channel May 1, 2006 for $ 29.99. See http://www.magix.com/ for more information.

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