April 11, 2006

Metropolis Records Newsletter

Hello again folks, its been busy here at Metropolis HQ.

Tons of new releases to get prepared, tons of great music coming your way in the coming months. I think there will be something for everyone in the release schedule, with tons more in the pipeline. In other recent news, both Mindless Self Indulgence and Covenant have hit Billboard charts recently, VNV Nation and Combichrist are both involved musically in an upcoming movie entitled The Gene Generation. The Gene Generation's director Pearry Tao also recently directed a video for the new Combichrist track "Get Your Body Beat". VNV Nation's Ronan Harris has also contributed to several tracks on the upcoming AFI release.

Wumpscut - Cannibal Anthem

With the recent release of the Jesus Antichristus & Die Liebe single, Wumpscut gave fans a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming Cannibal Anthem album. Now the restless wait is over! Cannibal Anthem is Wumpscut’s most potent release to date. Dark ominous synths merged with driving beats and signature growling vocals, the album attacks the senses from all angles. From the groundbreaking singles “Jesus Antichristus” and “Die Liebe” to the seething anger of “Wir Warten” and “Recht Vor Gnade” to the subdued beauty of “Ohne Dich” and “Pass Auf,” the intensity of Cannibal Anthem can barely be contained. Those who thought Wumpscut was growing soft with his last record will need to take another look. Wumpscut’s back – darker and more powerful than ever. order online

Suicide Commando - Bind, Torture, Kill

Never one to deviate far from the path, Suicide Commando remains consistent with every release. While new technology or synths may be incorporated, one can always tell its Suicide Commando from his signature sound. He just has this way of writing songs that is easily distinguishable among the masses of other bands in the terror EBM genre. Now ready to release his sixth album, Bind, Torture, Kill, Suicide Commando has delivered another phenomenal album that fans were expecting, but weren’t ready for. Bind, Torture, Kill has all of what is expected of Suicide Commando – distorted vocals, heavy crunching beats, raspy melodies, and piercing high end. But, this album is different. It has an intensity not seen before on previous Suicide Commando albums. This album is more “in your face,” like he o.d.-ed on coffee, speed, adrenaline, and anger. The result is astounding. If you thought Suicide Commando was aggressive before, you’d better strap yourself in, because you are in for one hell of a ride. order online

Die Form - ExHuman

Die Form’s newest album, ExHuman, is the final part of a diptych which began with the 2004 album InHuman. Marking an evolution, but also a renewal as far as tools, technique and composition are concerned, ExHuman exonerates the French S&M band to new levels of musical genius. √Čliane’s vocals hold a prominent place as a revealer of emotions, contrasting with the dark universe of images, the cruelty of some of the lyrics and the para-mechanical option of Phillippe’s electronic music. Among other things, the diptych is about the pact between the human and the animal, the agony of the soul, forbidden loves, murderous madness, the spirit of the forest, and the sacrifice of nature. The framework of the first part, InHuman, was about the very essence of man, where as ExHuman deals with man’s surroundings and the effect that they have on him. Together, these two avant-garde pieces give an extraordinary observation and critical analysis of mankind and the forces around him. order online

Amduscia - From Abuse to Apostasy

The long-awaited North American debut from the Mexican electro band Amduscia, is nothing for the faint of heart. From Abuse to Apostasy is an inferno of beats, hard floor sequences, trance elements and screaming vocal attacks that are unleashed upon the listener. The trio is renowned for drawing its musical strength as an intelligent play taken to the extremes, a trademark that they have mastered to utter perfection on the new album. From the first track, highly melodic trance hooks infiltrate your being while the ultra-aggressive shouts and the uncompromising beat salvos get your body moving. Amduscia will first assimilate and then destroy you and, nonetheless, you will be left longing for more. order online

Dismantled - Standard Issue (out April 25th)

Dismantled’s Breed to Death EP created quite a buzz last year. People were clamoring for info on when the new album would be ready for consumption. With such high expectations for the new album, Dismantled took tedious care in creating a monumental and poignant album. The result became Standard Issue. There is nothing typical about this album. Dismantled has created a whole new set of standards that he and other bands will have to strive to meet from now on in order for them to produce an album that will receive more than a fleeting glance. From the fast paced floor killers of “Get it Through,” “Breed to Death” and “Attention” to the quiet elegance of “Standard Issue” to the 80’s influenced “Preset,” Standard Issue will keep you listening from start to finish – not only with the amazing song structures, but with the lyrics as well. Each song speaks to everyone in one way or another, whether or not you aware of what he’s trying to get across, you will find meaning for yourself in each track. Dismantled has truly out done himself with this release and will make you yearn for his next album. order online

Clan of Xymox - Breaking Point (out April 25th)

Still considered one of the pioneers of gothic rock, Clan of Xymox caused a lot of panic with their last two releases among fans. Rumors started flying with the release of Farewell that the band was disbanding and the release of The Best of Clan of Xymox further fueled the rumor mill. Fans will be happy to know that the release of a brand new studio album is upon us. Breaking Point is Clan of Xymox’s eleventh full length CD in 22 years. Exhibiting a more mature sound than on is predecessors, Breaking Point leans more towards dark rock than gothic rock. Subtle keyboards overlaid with guitars and live drum sounds have become the focal points of this album. However not to be outdone by the music alone, Ronny Moorings’s deep sensuous vocals accentuate the music and bring forth the deeper meanings of the songs – such as in “Calling You Out,” “Eternally” and “We Never Learn.” Its impossible to imagine a way that Clan of Xymox could get any better than they are now. Perhaps they have reached their own Breaking Point? order online

Das Ich - Cabaret (out April 25th)

The godfathers of dark electronic music have done it again. Just two years following Das Ich’s successful album Lava, the duo of Stefan Ackermann and Bruno Kramm present their follow-up which has no comparisons. The remarkable dark Cabaret delivers naughty sound escapades in multiple cynical interpretations of a basic theme centered around the costumes for marionette theatre. For the album, Kramm’s usual electronic chamber orchestra was accompanied by a large variety of vital sounding acoustic collages. This deviates from the usual electronic blend of Das Ich by producing songs which allude to a twilight somewhere between claustrophobic reality and unchained phantasmic atmosphere. Ackermann’s vocals range between incantations and distorted madness to draw the listener through their visit to the nightmare theatre, giving them a joyride through their darkest emotions. Next to hymnic song jewels like “Atemlos,” “Paradigma” and the radical minimalistic dance floorer crusher “Opferzeit” the album also ventures into experimental sound collages with songs like “Fluch,” lead by guest vocalist Marianne Iser’s erotic opera-like vocals. It excites and terrifies as the album reaches its climax with the title track “Cabaret.” Point blank Das Ich pose the questions “What is imagination and what’s destiny? Where does reality end and where does madness begin?” order online

Whew, and thats just April!

May sees releases by:
Panzer AG - Your World Is Burning (May 9th)
Snog - Vs. The Faecal Juggernaut of Mass Culture(May 9th)
Delaware - Lost In The Beauty of Innocence(May 23rd)

June brings:
Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat EP (June 6th)
Hocico - A Traves De Mundos Que Arden DVD (June 6th)
Imperative Reaction - Eulogy for the Sick Child [remastered reissue] (June 6th)
Front Line Assembly - Artificial Soldier (June 20th)

More to come!

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