April 03, 2006

North Star: Quality Old Style Prog Rock!

NORTH STAR is an American quartet driven by the brothers Kevin & Glenn LEONARD. It orchestrates the marriage of EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER's virtuosity and bursting GENESIS' lyricism, thanks to the gabrielesque voice of Joe NEWNAM, Kevin LEONARD's powerful keyboards and founding member Dave JOHNSON's superb guitar parts (He also plays bass).

Created around the middle of the Seventies, the band had to wait until 1982 to print its first discographical step: "Triskelion" is now reissued by the Musea label, with a complete biography and lots of bonus-tracks. One could hear highly colourful melodies, full of power and beauty. After three most respectable albums ("Feel The Cold" in 1985, "Power" in 1992 and "Tempest" in 2000), NORTH STAR rejoined the Musea label at the most opportunate time, that of full maturity!

The concept-album "Extremes" (2005) is a strong work, undoubtedly the ultimate culmination in the band’s carreer. This quartet captures the essence and the suggestive power of Seventies' GENESIS like few groups before, as far as rhythms, keyboards and vocals parts are concerned. But we are not listening to a sole impressionist, power and harmonies are not far from that of IQ ("Subterranea" album) at times, and the virtuosity of musicians enable them to reach exciting instrumental flights of fancy. Not to be missed whatsoever!

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