April 03, 2006

Shauna Burns´ debut CD hits stores.

Holding the balance of riveting expressionist and soothing songstress, Shauna Burns invites us to her table.

Inspired by her mother's love of the piano, Shauna Burns began playing as a small child in her native home of Miami. By the time she was 15, she had discovered her own talent as a singer and was already composing.

After moving west for college, Shauna found a whole new level of inspiration in the high deserts and mountains of Nevada and Utah. She poured her emotions into her music and began playing regularly at a coffee house in Salt Lake City. Shauna's unique fusion of alternative rock, folk and Celtic sounds soon won fans and rave reviews.

The die was cast: After graduating, Shauna began concentrating on her music full-time. After a year in Europe putting together her first collection of songs, she recorded "Every Thought." The debut album, released under the record label Red Rock Music, LLC, is both intense and soothing, a complex blend of sounds and lyrics that resonates within the listener.

"Music has always been there for me," Shauna explains. "It's been a close friend and teacher, drawing me in like this unexpected force, pulling me. It's the journey, how I view everything around me. It comes from the purest place I've ever known."

Shauna Burns' music is refreshingly unconventional and breathes deeply to it's own harmonious beat. Shauna Burns stunning debut album entitled Every Thought is a free flowing enchanting musical work. Her sensational, artistic piano and vocals secure it's organic roots and draw the listener in, keeping you immersed at every unexpected turn. The intense, personal lyrics are thought provoking and wrap around you like a whirlwind then delicately whispers in your ear. These haunting images rest hand in hand with the beautiful melodies and enriched rhythms. Always earthy and natural, the songs evoke and entice the senses. Shauna Burns is a passionate artist leading us through her world.


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