May 17, 2006

PUPPETS WHO KILL - The Complete Second Season

“Puppets Who Kill is not just a clever idea; it’s also exceedingly well done.” - Alex Strachan, Fine Tuning

Eclectic DVD and Video Service Corporation are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Puppets Who Kill – The Complete Second Season for US distribution on DVD.

Yes, if the cult-hit Season One DVD wasn't proof enough then Season Two should erase any reasonable doubts - Puppets Who Kill is the nastiest little show around.

Yes, the strangely demented antics of Buttons, Rocko, Cuddles and Bill return to torment Dan Redican, the social worker under siege at the half-way house he manages for the fearsome foursome, all of whom are incorrigible sociopaths.

How's this for a heart-warming episode - Bill hires a litigator to sue the families of the people he's murdered...for emotional damages.

Special Features: 13 full episodes, commentary with Dan Redican and Rocko, Canada AM puppet interview and more…

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